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Home Uncategorized North Korea Issues Unusually Specific Threat

North Korea Issues Unusually Specific Threat

Published on April 25, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

“We will reduce South Korea to ashes in less than four minutes! Three, if there’s no traffic and everyone gets to the base on time.”



North Korean Troops, Posing For Marching Photo:

The government photographer barks orders:


“Now everyone: hold your legs up until I tell you to put them down and not a moment before!


 “Hey you, all the way on the left! — Yeah, you, dummy! –you’re not looking toward the camera!


 “And you, dumbbell next to him! – you’re looking right at the camera! — And who the hell told you to wear white socks today!?


 “And all of you, loosen up on the string pulling back your pants leg: you look like you’re flying, not marching! Keep those legs up!


 “Now everyone, get those legs, higher – higher! C’mon, act like you’re walking! Keep those toes pointed!   — ‘Ring’  —  Wait a minute you guys,  I gotta take this.  Hello? Yeah… Yeah… Yeah…  Uh-huh… Uh-huh… No,, it puzzles me too why DiCaprio let that babe out of his hands… To be honest, I didn’t even know they broke up… How long ago? Wow, I didn’t know that…  No, I’ve been busy… Look, let’s talk about it more tomorrow, I got all these guys standing here with their leg out…. Lunch? Sure. How’s one o’clock. Okay, see you then.  — ‘click’


“Okay, hold it! Good!.. Hold it!… Hold it!    ‘snap.’


“Okay, nobody move. We’re gonna do one more shot!”



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