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Obama “Finishes His Evolution”

Published on May 10, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

The ‘American Evolution’ of 2012: “Give me a nostril, or give me death!”


The very latest “news” media propaganda for Barack Obama: 

MSNBC, forwarding the Associated Press:



“Obama has officially finished evolving. He now has a new position.  Until very recently, much of the betting was on Obama taking a pass on the touchy issue until after the election. On Wednesday, he picked it.



Old position picked:



New position picked:



Other old position picked:



New position picked:

Doh!! — Wrong hand and wrong part of the body!
(Nor is a look of hate on your face recomended when saluting the flag. But then, the Obamas have never willingly saluted the American flag, so it’s understandable they do it uncomfortably and do it wrong. Here, each puts their left hand instead of the appropriate right hand over their right lung instead of their heart. And their look of disgust?  It’s okay — we don’t like them, either.)






Hillary Clinton, the ‘refereshing new farce disgrace face in politics,’ gives the battle cry for the ‘American Evolution:’ “No King, but, King Jesus!*.”


” Jesus, is this a king-size…”



*“No King, but, King Jesus” was Benjamin Franklin’s favorite battle cry of the Revolutionary War.

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