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Home Uncategorized Does Glenn Beck really have a bombshell to drop connecting Obama and the Boston bombers?

Does Glenn Beck really have a bombshell to drop connecting Obama and the Boston bombers?

Published on April 21, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

Says Beck:

“I have evidence so damning against Obama that it will ‘determine the fate of our nation'”



Has Beck suddenly become disgustingly cynical and a complete whore for attention (much like this website)? Or will he in fact deliver?


We’ll find out tomorrow.


In the meantime, in the words of our moron president:

“I vow to find out the motives of these terrorists.  It’s been their hatred of all things not Islamic that’s confusing me.”

Obama milllion dollar smile



“Uh-oh. Better keep eating while the food’s still free.”



2 Responses

  1. Dev Brecht

    Oh my, Wow!!!, and so…………….. what, what, what, what happened? Did Glenn Beck say something that will just shake the system to it’s bony core???????
    And what what what what what does Theee Fine Report say about this incredible uncovered evidence?? Wow!!!! I’m just so excited to hear this story uncovered and reported by Glenn Beck, and THEN confirmed by you!!

    My golly gosh, you really have your finger on the pulse of so many incredible truthful stories about our corrupt, incompetent and ignorant leader, and his inner (and outer) circle of administration people, and their stupid followers, and all the other propogandists and media people who work for them spreading their lies, Lies Lies lies!!

    I just blows me away how you are so utterly connected and on fire baby! with the inner truth about so much wool being pulled over our American eyes. That wool really itches my eyeballs when I hear the truth that you unveil.

    Keep it up Fine Report!!!!! YOU are one of OUR ONLY (real truthful)truth finders out there! uncovering all of this so deliciously incriminating evidence against these bastard pretenders trying to play themselves off as regular elected leaders of our great American nation. No, no , No they won’t get away with it! – as long The Fine Report is divulging the TRUTH for everyone to plainly see for their own two itchy eyes.

    • Editor Editor

      Thank you, Dev. As one of our 16 loyal fans, your contributions here are always appreciated.

      (Just watching out for you: but have you considered a decaffeinated coffee?)

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