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Home Uncategorized The mentally ill John McCain: Stockholm Syndrome personified

The mentally ill John McCain: Stockholm Syndrome personified

Published on September 29, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


Obama and Ho

(McCain’s ‘fantasy’ figure is Ho Chi Minh, the brutal Communist dictator of North Vietnam, where McCain was held prisoner of war. Read more, below.)

photo h/t: Iowntheworld.com


Funny how the picture above looked familiar.

Hitler and Chamberlain edited

-Adolph Hitler, the ‘Obama’ of his time, with appeaser Neville Chamberlain, the ‘John McCain’ of his time. We know how that all worked out.


John McCain: Privileged ‘War Hero’, Liar, Collaborator, Traitor


Hopefully the citizens of Arizona can find their way again, recall this freak.


Banana republicans


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