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Home Uncategorized Why has the democrat media stopped wiping ‘Barack Obama’s’ bottom?

Why has the democrat media stopped wiping ‘Barack Obama’s’ bottom?

Published on November 17, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


Obama crying


Because they know he’s an incompetent bozo, whose ego has gone out of control because of their own corruption in enabling the ‘Obama’ fraud, and in continuing to perpetuate it by wiping ‘Obama’s’ bottom when he soils himself — which is often.
However, the democrat media has been given marching orders by its leftist hate-factory leaders in Harvard University to throttle-back ‘Obama,’ because they have realized that even among lazy and dumb voters, there are cracks beginning to show in the ‘Obama’ facade. At the same time, they are hoping their criticism of ‘Obama’ will return — again, amongst the lazy and dumb — some the credibility of the massive amount the democrat media has lost.
After this round of coordinated democrat media action is over and ‘Obama’ gets the message (‘Tame your ego, just a tad’), the democrat media will return full-throttle to its primary mission: the wiping of ‘Barack Obama’s’ bottom when he soils himself.


Obama toilet paper recommended


“I’ve been using it on his gay ass for 20 years.
Shut the door, dammit!”

On toilet


2 Responses

  1. michellesbigbeaver

    Your post is right on the money. Obama is of course the the MSM’s creation and they own him lock, stock and barrel. If they had only held his feet a little more to the fire he wouldn’t be the embarrassing petulant child emperor that he is now. But they and Obama actually started to believe their own false narrative PR work and they got too sloppy. This new feigned indignation of Obama’s lies on the MSM’s part also gives them the pretense of plausible deniability so they can say to the enraged public when things get worse, “we reported about this and tried to warn you!” Hopefully it’s too late and the more and more of the public will see that the child emperor has no clothes and has a shit stained rear end despite the contiued taint licking by the MSM. When the revolution comes we must be sure to shoot the MSM first.

    • Editor Editor

      Hopefully you are right. The MSM bears as much responsibilty for the state of things — if not more (they knew better) — than all the lunatics surrounding the democrat party, including ‘Barack Hussein Obama (or whoever the @#$% he really is).

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