Ann Romney kicks some ass!

This is absolutely refreshing.   Ann Romney hits back at her husband’s Republican ‘chattering class’ critics:  ‘Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it?’   (She did not mention The Fine Report by name. Unfortunately.)     “Hey, I thought I was the enforcer.” Squeaker of the House, John Boehner   … Read more

Crazy Pelosi Is Back!

  Not only is she back, but she is back with a statement so stupid, it rivals any made by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or any member of the Congressional Black Caucus:   Pelosi: Democrats will amend the Constitution if they control the House! Says Crazy Pelosi: If Democrats were to take control of the … Read more

The Obama Spanish-Language Outreach Program:*

    *The message translates to: “He is so stupid!”     “You know, maybe my campaign should try an ad like that, making Obama look like the Bozo he is.”       “Steady there, boy! You might just win and have a presidency on your hands! You sure don’t want that. We’d all … Read more

Hillary and Huma

After yet another humiliating failure by Hillary Clinton, she and de facto Secretary of State Huma Abedin have a heart-to-heart talk:      

Hillary Clinton forms a panel to investigate why the Muslim Brotherhood sodomized then murdered US Ambassador Chris Stevens after she let them take over Libya while she was busy being drunk.

Those who can do, do.   Those who can’t do, teach.   Those who can’t teach, teach gym.   Those who can’t teach gym become Obama’s inebriated secretary of state, forming ‘panels’ to figure-out what is obvious to most normally intelligent people.     A truly clueless, world-class buffoon — and a drunk: Hillary Clinton … Read more

DHS Purchases 200 Million MORE Rounds of Ammunition

That’s on top of 1.2 BILLION rounds of ammunition purchased in the past 6 months alone for “use” inside U.S. borders.   Just what do you believe the Obama ‘administration’ needs it for?   Would the fact that the 200 million new rounds of ammo being purchased is sniper ammunition affect your opinion?     … Read more

WOW! — High Ranking Obama DOJ Official Refuses to Affirm 1st Amendment Rights!

  It’s getting closer, and closer and closer…   And they’re telling you what they intend to do.   Believe them.       In a Constitution Subcommittee hearing yesterday, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) questioned Assistant Attorney General, Thomas Perez, over the Administration’s commitment to 1st Amendment rights. Franks’ questions were prompted by a Daily … Read more

The Corrupt Monkeys Of the Media

    Their motto: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Even if your nation is destroyed by it. Especially if your nation is destroyed by it.      

‘Hillary Clinton:’ a Contrivance.

  Bolstered and protected by the Democrat media in the manner of another contrivance: ‘Barack Obama:’     And even more sadly for us — a drunk:      The other contrivance:

Obama Fires Honest Federal Workers, Replacing Them with Felons, Buying the Criminal Class

  Classic strategy of a dictator — begin to employ people willing to do your illegal bidding on the streets:   Federal government forces companies with federal contracts to fire honest workers and replace them with convicted felons:.    The Obama Nation:     “We may be stupid, but we sure know how is … Read more

Can we still trust Clinton and Obama?

        So who in the world with any kind of brains would still support Obama and Clinton?     Yikes.  Yahoo CEO Mari$$a “Ditz” Mayer would — and quite heartily:       So would Jewish show biz Obama-cultist Jeffery Katzenberg, funneling $6 Million to Obama:     “I always said … Read more

New ebay rules put you at the mercy of telephone solicitors — even if you have to pay toll fees for their call:

  The Fine Report has got your back:   WHAT is ebay thinking?   How’s this for getting annoyed by telephone solicitors — even if you get stuck paying for it:   Provisions relating to eBay’s contacts with its “members:” Pursuant to the eBay User Agreement, you agree that eBay, its affiliates, agents, and independent … Read more