How long before tiny minorities of people like these begin planting explosives and start killing and maiming people — and change, for the rest of us, our entire way of life?


Naked female protesters claiming to be ‘feminists’ attack Catholic archbishop as he prays quietly




Right.  They’re ‘feminists.’

Bill Clinton laughing edited larger

How about they’re radical leftists, who happen to be lesbians? How about they’re hypocritical radical leftists who happen to be lesbians? — Let’s see them try this on Islamists, in whose culture beating wives and murdering daughters is completely acceptable.


No? They’re not going to try this with radical Islamists? Yeah, we didn’t think so. They’re gutless, malignant, ignorant, narcissistic brats. Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard (seen here being attacked) should have stood up and knocked out a few front teeth. He would have done the world a valuable and much needed service.


Keep indulging the likes of these people, and the Boston Marathon bombing will not only look like the good old days, but you’ll find yourself living under martial law — with the likes of them in charge.


Radical leftist Janet ‘1.6 billion 9mm bullets’ Napolitano (with friend).

Janet Napolitano by Scooter

GOP Congressmen challenge sinister DHS ammo buys — say agency using 1,000 more rounds per person than the United States Army