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Valerie Jarrett’s puppet vows to act illegally; taunts Congress; corrupt ‘news’ media silent–finance.html

El presidente with hitler moustach


“Boy, just wait till that guy hears from my lawyer!”

Boeher really crying

John Boehner, House Squeaker and transvaginal mesh victim



The commie-mommy:

Valerie jarrett puppett edited


NO JOKE – inside Valerie Jarrett’s White House office is this photo with figures bowing before a picture of her:

Bowing edited



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One thought on “IT’S ON: El Presidente doubles down on facism

  1. From the AMC channet via Direct TV , which fortunately I have via Wildblue, net, I’ve been learning quite a bit about the sacrifices , that, I assume democrats & republicans made… But they were drafted or signed up `18 years old …and some lied about their age at 17 years old…
    to sign up to sign up for the US military… HAPPY 4th of JULY jack + all the Filipinos who fought w/ us/// against the JAPS !

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