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Home Uncategorized The Manchurian President is gunning for the Internet. We warned you.

The Manchurian President is gunning for the Internet. We warned you.

Published on May 23, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

Obama nazi swastika

Being the American media is completely corrupt, the only source of news that can threaten ‘Barack Obama’ is via the Internet.


To try and avoid the inevitable momentum that will lead to his resignation or impeachment, the traitor-president is planning to hit the Internet kill-switch that Congress gave him by law.


He and the sinister Valerie Jarrett have been planning this ever since enough Americans were stupid enough to put these lunatics in high office.


And here is the first clue:



Obama: ‘Increase in domestic terrorism fueled by Internet’



The Internet kill switch:




“He would never do that. He knows it would hurt my feelings.”

Boehner child editedgif


“We have to kill the Internet to see what’s in it.”

Pelosi without makup trowel


4 Responses

  1. Eric

    I stumbled upon this website by accident. It seems that you are filled with anger, and the website has a lot of invective, but you don’t explain in any coherent way why. Obama isn’t coming for our guns, he isn’t a Nazi or Communist (they’re two completely different things), and although he has made some big blunders the Republican leadership in D.C. have been trying to invent conspiracies and “scandals”. How could Obama be impeached for treason when G.W. Bush committed worse crimes and hasn’t faced a single charge? I make this comment sincerely, hoping that you will either point me to a previous post explaining your views, or that you might reply with one. I’m genuinely interested in what factual information you are basing your fears upon.

    • Editor Editor

      To inform you at this point in your awareness is like telling a sightless person what a movie looks like. (What were George Bush’s ‘crimes?’ Please — no ‘talking points.’)
      If you are sincere about your interest to learn why almost half the nation is ringing the warning bell about ‘Barack Obama’ (or whoever he actually is), you ought to take a look at sources of information other than those of the Democrat media. Follow a few conservative blogs to get the other point of view.

      In the meantime, you might want to peruse this
      blog by Cornell law Professor William Jacobson:

      Or this:

      Or this:

      For the sake of all our futures, we here are hoping you take time to get the info we suggest.

  2. Editor Editor

    It might be concurrent.

    Martial law will come slowly, like bleeding to death. Then, suddenly one day — just like in pre-war Germany — you won’t be free anymore.

    We can stop this, if we do it now. First step: dump but corrupt, useless wimps running the GOP. We need to take over the party.

  3. wile coyote

    Will this happen prior to imposing martial law?

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