Jokes About N.Y. Times Editors!

Did you hear about the NY Times editor who froze to death in a drive-in movie? She went to see “Closed for the Winter.” Why did the NY Times editor have only 3 children? She heard that every fourth child born is Chinese. Another power outage hit New York: twelve NY Times editors were stuck … Read more

Jokes about Jimmy Kimmel, Part 2

Television clip surfaces of America’s new moral compass, Jimmy Kimmel, filmed on the street asking women to guess ‘what is in his pants,’ telling them: “You should put your mouth on it.” His whole life, Jimmy Kimmel’s parents harassed him to stop acting like a flamingo. He had enough, and finally put his foot … Read more

Jokes about Jimmy Kimmel

  Jimmy Kimmel cares so much about everyone, that he tip-toes past medicine cabinets so he doesn’t wake up any sleeping pills.   How do you keep Jimmy Kimmel busy between tapings? Give him a piece of paper that says “flip” on both sides.   Why does Jimmy Kimmel have to always be reminded to … Read more