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Home Uncategorized We don’t call this traitor “Turbin Durbin” for nothing

We don’t call this traitor “Turbin Durbin” for nothing

Published on September 18, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

American-hating Muslim Promoted By Democrat Senator Durbin Laughs About Using US Flag As Prop For ‘Messaging’ 


In 2012, Democrat Sen. Durbin took to the floor of the Senate and held up a gigantic photograph of a smiling young woman wearing a Muslim hijab with an American flag in the background. He introduced her as Alaa Mukahhal, a Kuwaiti-born ‘Dreamer’ activist whom he described as being ‘of Palestinian descent,’ and who was brought to the country illegally at a young age by her parents, went on to become an honor student, get a degree in architecture and now needed a path to citizenship so, Durbin said, she could fufill her American dream. Durbin even went so far as to feature Alla on his own official webpage.


A look her Facebook page paints a different picture of Alaa than Sen. Durbin’s glowing ode: she’s a potty mouthed, politically correct, Israel-hating radical activist who drops F bombs and politically correct buzzwords:


“Did ya’ll notice the flag in the background of the pic? That was no coincidence #messaging #lol”




Turbin Durbin and muslim hater

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