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Obamacare: Put yourself in terrible hands

Published on October 19, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


The ‘Obamacare Navigators’ are criminals!

Surprised?  Can’t say we didn’t warn you…


Obamacare: Put yourself in these terrible hands


Obama criminal mug shots


You're in terrible hands by oleg


“I’m on it… zzzzzzz…”

Rince Prebus sleeping

Failed GOP Chairman, Fail-Rinse-Repeat Prebus


“I’m on it too, after my greatest victory, in selling
out my country once again.”

Boehner in bra3


Dead, rotten and forgotten.

Rino upside down

Karl Rove edited


Let’s start over. And do it our way.

Tea party patriots


“No problemo.”

Ted Cruz cool

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