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Fail-Rinse-Repeat Prebus

Published on November 6, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

THE TEA PARTY’S DEAD? 10-to-1 Spending Advantage Plus Obama-Funded Faux Libertarian Eke Out <1% Victory For McAuliffe

The G.O.Pee spends nothing in Virginia’s governor race, and the massively supported corrupt Terry McCullif wins by a mere 1%.


McCulliiffe demographics



Mark Levin charges failed G.O.Pee Chairman showed up in Virginia last weekend of the election to position himself to talk about his great ground game if there is a victory or criticize the candidate if they lose. Otherwise, he said the RNC was nowhere to be found.



Banana republicans


“Peons… Wake me up when this is over, will ya?”

Rince Prebus sleeping

G.O.Pee Chairman Fail-Rinse-Repeat Prebus

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