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Home Uncategorized NYC elects a communist mayor: a forshadowment of things to come?

NYC elects a communist mayor: a forshadowment of things to come?

Published on November 19, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

American Thinker


Is New York now a petri dish for what Obama and Valerie Jarrett have in mind for the entire country?


by Victor Keith

The administration of the most polarizing president in American history, however, seems to finally be bringing this clash of philosophies to a head. The left is becoming more and more emboldened by the economic and historical ignorance of many American voters and, in some instances, is in a position to unilaterally impose its ideas upon the people. One example is ObamaCare and another is the administration of the city of New York which has been given over to a radical ideologue who rightly feels he has been given a mandate to impose a Marxist regime in America’s largest city. We all know how this is going to end for New York and it is not going to be pretty.

It is a classical theorem of guerilla warfare that the movement starts with small, localized, hit and run raids. It then expands to more ambitious attacks on the central power by larger units and finally, if all goes well, turns into major, head-on engagements with large military formations in setpiece battles. As a result of their decades-long undermining of American institutions — academia, media and political, culminating in the reelection of Barack Obama, it seems to signal that the time has come for the final stage. They are now openly saying who they are and, while this will get worse before it gets better, it is overall in the best interest of America that we know exactly what is at stake and what we are fighting over. What happens in New York will be a petri dish for what Obama has in mind for the entire country and the results will be visible for everyone to see. We can only hope the right lesson is finally learned. Once freedom is lost it is rarely recovered.




“Hmm… I’m gonna put this in a petri
dish, and see if anything grows.”

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