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THE ADVENTURES OF EBOLA BOY: Ebola Boy dercries the ‘gulf of mistrust’ between police and minorities that he created.

Published on September 28, 2014,

“Or is it the ‘golf’ of mistrust? I forget which.”

Telepromper pres




The Ugly American (literally): Gorilla Michelle Goes Ape at U.N — Spreads Anti-American Lies


Ugly michelle

And in case you forgot:

The Racist/Hate Background of Michelle Obama



Michelle Obama without the 89 pounds make-up?

Michelle Obama aged

(Cut on forehead from shaving.)


Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth

Published on September 28, 2014,

Don't give a shit


Have the terrorists who walked across our border that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (or whoever he really is) has opened coordinated to launch a mass terror attack on an American city or cities?

Published on September 23, 2014,

Major terrorist attack


Do something ebola boy


Or is all this intentional, to allow de facto President Valerie Jarrett to declare martial law once these attacks begin?

Sinister valerie jarrett


“And you thought I was just standing around picking my nose.”

Obama Picking His Nose full



The de facto Squeaker John Boehner, watching our backs:

Boehner tired


The de fatso First Lady, Transvestite and Garbage Can:



Stockholm Syndrome sufferer John McCain, hanging out with the enemies of America

Published on September 21, 2014,




Related, unfortunately:



Chrisite bolstering Obama



You’ve got to be as crazy as Nancy Pelosi to donate a penny to the GOP — not when there are alternatives like Ted Cruz.


Ted cruz tea party


THE ADVENTURES OF EBOLA BOY: Ebola Boy takes the 10AM Call

Published on September 18, 2014,

Precious metals market


THE ADVENTURES OF EBOLA BOY: Ebola Boy Shows America He’s Serious About Ebola

Published on September 17, 2014,


Obama ebowling


How the Colonists Would Have Dealt with the Malignant and Crazy Nancy Pelosi

Published on September 14, 2014,

Pelosi tar and feathers

Tar and feathering:



Pelosi: “Civilization As We Know It Would Be In Jeopardy If Republicans Win The Senate”



Coincidences are signals from the Universe. Listen to them.

Published on September 14, 2014,

Universe speaking


Nose pick 3


Ebola Boy’s bullsh-t speech: “We will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country”

Published on September 10, 2014,


People Laughing large



“People think I hang around all day, picking my nose.

I wonder why?”

Obama picking nose


Obama Opens Borders, Releases Illegal Immigrants Into U.S.



Obama terrorist


Can you spot the fascist stooge?

Published on September 7, 2014,



h/t: http://www.whitehousedossier.com


Obama Administration Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police


Obama Administration EPA Chief ‘Worse than Lois Lerner’


Attorney General Eric Holder: A More Dangerous Race-Card Hustler Than Al Sharpton


Obama Administration campaign to silence opposition speech


Holder DOJ ‘Handcuffed’ the FBI From Investigating Islamic Extremism In US



The real power behind the teleprompter:

Sinister valerie jarrett

Obama’s commie mommy, Valerie Jarrett


Will the RINO idiocy ever end?

Published on September 7, 2014,

Romney: Obama ‘out of touch’ on Islamic State, other global threats


Rommey confused

‘Out of touch?’ Mittens, he’s ‘right in touch.’

It’s apparent you’re not:


Is Obama Intentionally ‘Destroying’ America?


Obama’s Plan to Destroy America Hatched at Columbia Says Classmate


How Barack Obama is Intentionally Destroying American Influence


America– not just declining, it’s intentionally being destroyed


Is Obama’s Apparent Ineptitude Really Intentional?



Speaking of  ineptitude and being out of touch:


Obama and Boehner golfing. editedjpg


More Gentle Giants getting busy

Published on September 2, 2014,





‘Hate,’ and his best friend:





Published on August 23, 2014,

Ebola Boy Comes Back to Washington — for a Bachelor Party


Obama picking nose edited




The New Yorker cover below was supposed to be a parody: mocking people who accused Barack and Michelle Obama of being secret Muslims and Al Qaeda sympathizers.


Some parody, huh?




Bill Whittle: “The Struggle for Stupidity”

Published on August 20, 2014,


h/t: GatesOfVienna



“Stupidity? No struggle at all!”


GOP Chairman and world-class failure Reince Prebus


David Horowitz: The Hell That Is the Obama White House

Published on August 20, 2014,


Originally published byRedState.com

Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet.

Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuffed with ideological fairy dust can see that Obama is behind every major scandal of his administration from Benghazi to the I.R.S. disgrace. How can one know this? Because the culprits haven’t been fired. Moreover, if they are serial liars like Susan Rice, they’ve actually been promoted to posts where their loyalty to the criminal-in-chief can do America and its citizens even more damage, if that is possible.

A president faced with a scandal created by underlings behind his back would be naturally furious at their misbehavior, and want heads to roll. This didn’t happen in any of these scandals because their point of origin was the White House itself. Promoting the culprits is a way of keeping them quiet.

And what exactly is the I.R.S. scandal about — to take just one case? It’s a plan unprecedented in modern American politics to push the political system towards a one-party state by using the taxing authority of the government to cripple and destroy the political opposition. The administration’s campaign to promote voter fraud by opposing measures to stop it (and defaming them as “racist” is guided by the same intentions and desire.

And why shouldn’t Obama want to destroy the two-party system since he is also in utter contempt of the Constitutional framework, making law illegally, and defying an impotent Congress to stop him? Of course every radical, like Obama, hates the Constitutional framework because, as Madison explained in Federalist #10, it is designed to thwart “the wicked projects” of the left to redistribute income and destroy the free market.

The same desire to overwhelm and permanently suppress the opposition drives the war that Obama and the Democrats have conducted against America’s borders and therefore American sovereignty. Their plan is too flood the country with illegals of whatever stripe who will be grateful enough for the favor to win them elections and create a permanent majority in their favor. The immediate result of these efforts is that we have no secure southern border, and therefore no border; and therefore we have effectively invited criminals and terrorists to come across and do Americans harm.

Which brings us to the deepest level of Obama’s hell, which is his anti-American foreign policy. When Obama was re-elected in 2012, the very first thought I had was this: A lot of people are going to be dead because of this election. How disastrously right I was. Since their assault on George Bush and their sabotage of the war in Iraq, Obama and the Democrats have forged a power vacuum in Europe and even more dramatically in the Middle East, which nasty characters have predictably entered with ominous implications for the future security of all Americans.

Take one aspect of this epic default: Obama’s lack of response to the slaughter of Christians in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered and driven from their homes in Iraq – over half a million by some counts. This is the oldest Christian community in the world dating back to the time of Christ. What was Obama’s response to this atrocity until a group of Yazvidi along with the Christians were trapped on a mountain side, and politics dictated he had to make some gesture. His response was to do and say nothing. Silence. Even his statement announcing minimal action to save the Yazvidi and the Christians mentioned the Christians once in passing while devoting a paragraph to the obscure Yazvidi.

What this unfeeling and cold response to the slaughter of Christians tells us is that Obama is a pretend Christian just the way he is a pretend American. What he is instead is a world class liar. That is because his real agendas are anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish, and obviously and consistently pro America’s third world adversaries to whom he is always apologizing and whom he is always appeasing. Obama lies about his intentions and policies because he couldn’t survive politically if he told the truth,

The socialist plot against individual freedom called Obamacare was sold as a charitable attempt to cover the uninsured (which it doesn’t), to lower health insurance costs (which it doesn’t) and to allow patients to keep their doctor and their plan (which it doesn’t). What it actually does is to take away a major piece of the freedom that Americans once enjoyed – the freedom to choose their plan and their doctor, and not to have the government control their health care or have easy access to all their financial information.

This devious, deceitful, power hungry administration is just as James Woods described it. But it is also a mounting danger for all Americans. Thanks to his global retreat, the terrorists Obama falsely claims are “on the run” are in fact gathering their strength and their weapons of mass destruction until a day will come when they will cross our porous borders and show us what years of perfidy not only by Obama but by the whole Democratic Party have wrought.

Freedom Center pamphlets now available on Kindle: Click here.




“Oh well!”

Boehner drunk


While America and the world burn…

Published on August 19, 2014,


James Risen calls Obama ‘greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation’



Islamic State message to America: ‘we will drown all of you in blood’



HHS Obamacare Agreement Full of ‘Typos’



Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions



Military Daughter Buries Her 2-Star General Father; Obama Nowhere to Be Found



Liberal Outlets Creating ‘Almost a Lynch Mob Mentality’ in Ferguson



Almost 8,000 Navy Chiefs Face Ax




“Gosh, I hope no one’s looking for my help on any of this.”

Boehner douche2


Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama’s foreign policy

Published on August 11, 2014,



People Laughing large


Who knows? — Maybe it was a different Hillary Clinton that completely failed as the Ebola Boy’s Secretary of State Inebriation.


Hillary Clinton tired

Then Secretary of Inebriation, Hillary Weiner Clinton


What differnce


A dog-catcher will probably get elected president before this idiot gets elected as a dog-catcher.


Report: Robots Will Take Over More Jobs Than They Create

Published on August 11, 2014,



There might be something to this, considering robots have already taken almost every media job.




You didn’t do-do that: Obama Gets Ebola

Published on August 6, 2014,


Ebola NY Times


Ebola Boy Continues His Purposeful Destruction of the United States military

Published on August 4, 2014,


Marine umbrella

After Purge of Generals, 550 Majors and 1,200 Army Captains Will Be Kicked Out



“Gosh, that’s a nice umbrella.
I wonder where you get those.”

Boehner douche2

-America’s most useless piece of sh-t, Squeaker of the House John Boehner


Happy birthday, Ebola Boy! As a very special gift, we put your name in the dictionary.

Published on August 3, 2014,

Obama picking nose edited



Dividing line small


Barry: like the probable dictionary entry above, history books will also not be kind to you like the corrupt American news media that has collectively taken it upon itself to wipe your ass every time you obama on yourself.


“Big obama. I’ve been wipin’ his gay ass for 20 years.
Shut the door, dammit!”

On toilet



Obama steps in obama: He refers to his wife as “Michael!”.


h/t: Iowntheworld.com


Do Americans no longer deserve America?

Published on August 3, 2014,

Being they tolerate and enable these ‘darlings’ of America’s autumn…


Spreader of infectious disease, seeder of Marxist illegal alien children and all-around traitor: ‘Ebola Barry’ Obama


Obama picking nose edited



America’s corrupt hysteric: Crazy Nancy Pelosi


Pelosi without makup trowel



America’s fake Indian: Elizabeth ‘Fauxchahontas’ Warren


Elizabeth Warren indian


America’s biggest pussy: Squeaker John Boehner




America’s diet guru: ‘Michael’ Obama


by scooter


America’s ‘news’ media


Media monkeys  no editoiral


America’s smartest woman: Hillary ‘Reset Button’ Clinton




America’s top law enforcement officer: nose-picker and racist Eric Holder


Before and after


Do Americans deserve America?


Obama and Springsteen in Mao hats

The First Useful-Idiot of Rock, left, and Ebola Barry Obama.


What’s scary is not how dumb Shiela Jackass Lee is…

Published on August 1, 2014,


What’s scary is how dumb the Americans who keep electing her are.


‘Jackass’ Lee: ‘We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush.’  But the jackass co-sponsored a bill that did just that:



In a sane America, ‘Jackass’ Lee would be taking a perp walk…


Zimmerman wiemar republic


…on her way to joining another corrupt jackass in prison.


Hillary Clinton in jail


But America today is not sane.




Who are the bigger losers?

Published on July 31, 2014,


—- These two schumcks?


Schmuck dynasty


—- Or the GOP voters who tolerate them running the show?


GOP dumb voters


The answer:


Ted Cruz group photo Tea Party


The First Hater to GOP: “Stop Hatin’ All the Time”

Published on July 30, 2014,


The Barack Hussein Obama World of Love:


Obama hate



How to talk


More, from the Obama World of Love:




“I fire-fart on you!”

Michelle Obama fat stripper ass

Michelle Obama Says Soldier Was Caught In A ‘Fire-Fart’ Fight



The scummiest, most talentless woman on earth — caught being scummy again:

Published on July 30, 2014,


No, not this scummy, talentless woman.


Pelosi without makup trowel


Or this one.


Save our firefart fights


But this one:


Bill Clinton’s speaking fees may constitute bribes

to Hillary Clinton’s State Department



Hillary Clinton in jail


We learned Obamacare will kill you. Now we learn ObamaFuel (“E-15”) will kill your car. Like all bad things ‘Obama,’ this is no accident:

Published on July 25, 2014,



The Squeaker, as usual, asleep at the switch:

Boehner tired



Published on July 25, 2014,

Hope and change



Hillary Clinton Stands By Her Russia ‘Reset’ Button


People Laughing large


No so funny after all…

Putin and reset button


Only one solution left:


Ted Cruz group photo Tea Party


Laura Ingraham versus the failed hacks running the GOP, personified by Bill O’Reilly ( — who is still listening to the advice of a bozo named Karl Rove)

Published on July 23, 2014,

Karl Rove edited



“Say, who was House Squeaker under Eisenhower?*”

Boehner douche2


*Sam Rayburn was Speaker. The House Speakership was once widely regarded as second only to the Presidency among the country’s elective offices. After John Boehner’s stain on the office, the Squeakership is now regarded as second to the country’s dog Catchers.


Walking the dog


After Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s stain on the office, the Squeakership is alternatively regarded as a parking place for the mentally ill.



SOMETHING SO STUPID AND SO IGNORANT, ONLY ONE OF THE OBAMAS COULD SAY IT: Michelle Obama tells story of soldier caught in ‘fire-fart fight’

Published on July 18, 2014,

Fire fart



Save our firefart fights


“Corpse-Men away!”

Fire fart flight

Obama ass-on-fire by Captain Craptek, on ThePeoples.Cube.com


Barack Obama has never heard the word ‘Corpsman:’


And you thought she was gonna run for office after she was booted out of the White House?

Fire Fart Theater

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