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THE ROAD TO TYRANNY: The U.S. military under Barack Obama is training to seize small American towns, intern its citizens and ‘re-educate’ them

Published on February 17, 2014,

All that we feared is really happening.



Making Nancy Pelosi look good:

The worst Speaker of the House in United States history:


Boehner sleeps, while the unimaginable is happening to our nation.

Commie mommy closeup


The child-president, unamused by the ‘commie mommy’ reference:



Obama “tantrum” videos

Published on February 17, 2014,

The truth hurts.


Downloand and enjoy these before they become censored — like everything about the life of ‘Barack Hussein Obama:’




National clown shortage may be approaching, trade organizations fear

Published on February 17, 2014,

The World Clown Association’s membership numbers have dropped from 3,500 to 2,500 since 2004, according to a news story out today.



The GOP rushes in to fill the gap:


Clown shortage


“The American people have been betrayed — both by Obama and the Democrats, whose lust for control intensifies daily, and by Republican leaders in Washington, whose cowardice and defeatism have turned their guts and spines into tapioca.”



More clowns are standing by:

Obama and clinton picking nose


Pledge to fire John Boehner

Published on February 16, 2014,

Let’s help those who help themselves:


Fire Boehner





Times News LLC

John Boehner: The new Neville Chamberlain



Patriot update

Neville Boehner? The disaster of appeasement



Boehner dog


The GOP race to the bottom is on. Take the advice of these losers, and run — the other way. America calling: Ted Cruz and The Tea Party

Published on February 16, 2014,

GOP clowns




We have but two hopes against a nose-picking psycho calling himself ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ and cultists in the news media and in the Democrat party that surround him:  none of them involve the talentless, corrupt cowards of the GOP.


America calling:

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party


Ted Cruz group photo Tea Party


Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots edited.



Barack and Hillary, finally, with some good advice:

“This time, pick carefully!”

Obama and clinton picking nose


It’s no longer hyperbole: Obama administration is intimidating American citizens with violence

Published on January 18, 2014,

 Obama nazi swastika


EPA leaks personal information on 100,000 agriculture industry workers:

-home addresses

-telephone numbers

-GPS coordinates

-personal medical histories

(‘Medical histories?’ …Do you now you see the real purpose of ‘Obamacare?’)


Eco terrorism

American ranchers and farmers now living in fear of pro-Obama leftist eco-terrorists





You’ve got to be nuts to put Google new Rat’s Nest thermostat in your home

Published on January 15, 2014,


Google thermostat with Obama logo


Google raises privacy issues with purchase of Nest thermostat



Larry Page silly lookalike

– Party-animal Larry Page?


Welfare recipients

Published on January 8, 2014,



 2 & 3:


Obama and clinton picking nose

Former defense secretary Robert Gates: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Failure Clinton admitted they opposed Iraq troop surge only to look good politically


Media monkeys  no editoiral

h/t: Henry


America’s fraud boy-president surrenders Iraq to Al Qaeda

Published on January 4, 2014,

4,500 American soldiers died freeing Iraq; 32,000 were wounded.


US military dead smaller


In October of 2011, boy-president Barack Hussein Obama ordered all American troops out of Iraq.


Eating ice cream cone

Today, Al-Qaeda soldiers have seized the Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Ramaldi.



Because of America’s boy-president, 4,500 American soldiers died and 32,000 were wounded for nothing — and the very terrorist organization that murdered over 3,000 Americans in New York on 9/11 is about to take over the very country thousands of Americans died to liberate. 


But at least the boy-president has an ice cream cone.


Ice cream cone larger

Media monkeys  no editoiral




New York, New York

Published on January 3, 2014,

Rotten apple2

Start spreading the news:
I’m planning to leave today.
I don’t want to be a part of it,
de Biasio’s New York.


Those vagabond leftists,
They are longing to stick a knife
Right through the very heart of it:
New York, New York.


I don’t want to wake up in a city
Whose citizens vote like sheep,
And find a bum like Hillary Clinton
Is at top of the heap.


All the elderly Jews
Are getting punched-out by black thugs in the street.
The Nazis could make a new start of it,
In de Biasio’s New York.


If I can make it out of there,
I’d go anywhere.
Goodbye to you,
de Biasio and New York.


The Real Reason for New Yorkers — and the rest of us — to Fear de Blasio:

What is likely to happen is that under his leadership New York will become a town of financiers, hotel maids and public and quasi-public employees. The real middle class will be driven out of the city bit by bit, perhaps replaced in part by new waves of immigrants, but they too will head out as soon as they can — and head your way.



The more things change…

Published on January 3, 2014,

Obama 4 year vacation edited

Taxpayers foot the bill for the Obamas’ lavish $4,000,000 Hawaiian ‘vacation;’ previous Hawaii ‘vacation’ costs taxpayers $7,200,000:



…the more they stay the same:


Boehner tired


The Obamacare Comedy Theater

Published on January 1, 2014,

Kathleen Sebelius

“I’m thrilled that we’re going to have millions of people for the first time that have health security. It should be a great new year for lots of families across the country.”

-Scammer Katherine Sebelius


People Laughing large


REal costs in 2014


Perception is everything

Published on January 1, 2014,

Only in an America where the GOP is led by the most incompetent, cowardly and corruptable hacks imaginable, could someone able to draw have developed a mindset to come up with a cartoon like this:


Forget about changing the GOP — it’s too institutionally corrupt. Starve the GOP into where it belongs: oblivion. Bury it next to the Whig party.

Schmuck dynasty

-GOP House Squeaker Boehner and GOP Chairman Greasy Prebus

Banana republicans


Support the Tea Party. Vote for Tea Party candidates as if the future of your country depended on it.



World War II: “Don’t fall for enemy propaganda.” It still applies today — but in reverse:

Published on December 28, 2013,


Don't fall edited

(This was a World War II-era U.S. Government war poster. Incredibly, we only needed to replace the photos and the names:)


Don't fall


New York Times: No Al-Qaida Role in 2012 Benghazi Killings


People Laughing large


In 3 1/2 years…

Published on December 28, 2013,



     During the 3-1/2 years of World War II that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced 22 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000 training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks.

     We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany.


During the almost exact amount of time, boy-president Barack Obama and his entire administration failed to build a functioning web site — though he managed to play golf twice a week and take more vacations than the average American worker takes in 20 years.


Golf 2 shot

h/t: Peter


Oh, yeah: and he destroyed the U.S. Marines:

Female U.S. Marines now not required to do a single pull-up


Recommended website:



Poll: Clinton and Christie tied

Published on December 28, 2013,



Clinton and Christie tied


Poll: Ted Cruz 3rd ‘most influential’ world leader:



Never forget:

Benghazi memory hole


Semper Fat

Published on December 28, 2013,

Semper Fat


Barry, the boy Commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces:



Comparing sex symbols

Published on December 27, 2013,

Rachel Washburn compare


Sunny Lohmann: The Fine Report’s new sex symbol

Published on December 27, 2013,

She’s smart. She’s sexy. She’s funny.

And now she’s ours. (In our hearts, anyway.)


The History of Useful Idiocy, Part I

Published on December 26, 2013,

Useful idiot of picasso


The world knows a loser when it sees one

Published on December 26, 2013,

Arab monarchies eye stronger ties — with Communist China



Bush and Saudi


As the fraud boy-president digs deeper into failure, the world is beginning to blow him off (and us), and is picking new allies.

Nose close


Merry Christmas!

Published on December 24, 2013,

Merry Christmas

Christ's birth christmas


Our corrupt ‘news’ media: “Why Obama will have a much better year in 2014”

Published on December 24, 2013,

Why Obama will have a much better year in 2014



Will 2014 be better or worse for Obama?



Which do you care about: what kind of year you and your country will have in 2014, or whether our fraud boy-president has better pickings?

Nose close



Published on December 21, 2013,

A video by a Russian that made the whole world cry:



A selfie by an American that made the free world cry:




Cries anyway:

Boeher really crying



“Cry? They made us laugh.”




Published on December 19, 2013,

The Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty


The Schmuck Dynasty

2 rotten


The other Schmuck Dynasty

Schmuck dynasty


The great awakening: ‘Barack Hussein Obama,’ and everyone surrounding him are corrupt, malignant frauds; Obamacare is a scam

Published on December 19, 2013,


Baba Wawa on Obama: ‘We Thought He Was Going To Be The Next Messiah’


Media monkeys  no editoiral

The messiah:

Nose close


National Lampoon’s ObamaCare Vacation:

Democrat state exchange chiefs skip town, while Obama hires a con man.



Yawning young guy edited


My work here is done


Well…it’s almost a great awakening.

Boehner tired


Poll: Ted Cruz 3rd ‘most influential’ leader in the world!

Published on December 15, 2013,

No big thing, politicians: show some balls, demand to be heard, espouse Conservative values and in a couple of months you too can rise from becoming an obscure U.S. Senator to third most influential leader in the word.



Ted Cruz for president 2016!


Ted Cruz group photo Tea Party




banana replublicans


Yikes: even Dick Morris understands that new Democrat hero John Boehner just committed suicide.

Published on December 14, 2013,

Rest miserably.

Boehner DEAD


Dick Morris banner

Boehner Eats His Young

By Dick Morris on December 14, 2013
House Speaker John Boehner would not be House Speaker John Boehner if it were not for the tea party and the other conservative groups he now criticizes. He says that they “lack all credibility” and accuses them of “using our members [Congressmen] and the American people for their own goals.”


His comments immediately drew admiring praise from Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.


Has the world turned upside down? If it were not for these groups — the Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Action for America or others — the Republicans would have lost the elections of 2010 and he never would have been Speaker.
Without their hard work, outreach, enthusiasm and donations, the Republican Party would never have won in 2010 and won’t win in the future.


Without the tea party, the Republican Party would be an inarticulate, me-too party without ideas or energy.



We don’t need the Republican party and its corrupt hacks. They need us.


Dump the GOP and join the Tea Party, before the GOP votes in amnesty, and makes an uneducated, often criminal class of improvished illegal aliens the swing voters of our electorate.

illegal aliens2




Ted Cruz group photo Tea Party


Wuz da question


The boy president meets Castro

Published on December 12, 2013,


Meeting Castro


Three-Quarters of All U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Are Under Command of the Boy President

Published on December 11, 2013,
 Woman grieving soldier in cemetary

h/t: Iowntheworld.com

Golf 2 shot

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