Some fun, for the rest of us


Did he really say that? Yes he did, in his 10th Lecture of ” A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis” (1916-17)


Exhibit A: Michelle Obama:

(On firearms:) “Every single kid worries about their own death, or the death of someone, every single day!” 

(Especially in Chicago, a city she helped loot and destroy.)


“Then there’s this damn crotch itch.
What’d Freud say about that?
Who is Freud, anyway?”

Scraching groin 2



Exhibit B: Joseph Biden

The ‘snake’ in 12 to 14 year old girls’ beds:

Biden smarmy smile

Vice President Perv:


“If you deny Joseph Biden has revealed himself to be a pervert, you need analysis.”


-Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist who became known as the founding father of psychoanalysis.

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