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2 thoughts on “Pledge to fire John Boehner

  1. House Speaker JoHn Boehner IS THE modern day BENEDICT ARNOLD to republican conservatives.HE IS Obama’s LAP DOG.Such a traitor and outright COWARD has no business being in a position of Leadership WHATSOEVER.As a Republican conservative Iam severely OUTRAGED by the behavior and actions of this TRAITOR.If Boehner is not removed from leadership in 2015 I WILL Leave the Republican party FOREVER!I have been a republican conservative for all of my voting lifetime.I will Join with a party that still believes in the Constitution and the rule of Law.As for traitors Like Boehner ,he seriously needs to be investigated for political CORRUPTION!He was re-elected by Republicans to be responsive to ONLY Republicans!Instead his behavior is like a far Left Democrat.He is extremely eager to accomplish the Democratic agenda!Now that he is re-elected by the FOOLS that voted for him AGAIN in STUPID COUNTRY OHIO Boehner is free AGAIN to act out his true identity as a FAR LEFT Democrat which he has always been.He knows how to disguise himself as a republican conservative when it’s time for his present term to expire.After winning another term he gets to IGNORE those who voted him back in for another FIVE long years! He hit the Lottery Jackpot!wHAT A total ALL around disgrace AND lowlife THis true bastard is!

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