Some fun, for the rest of us

Quoting the astounded chief surgeon:

“We knew before the patient came in that he had no balls. Nevertheless, we were shocked to discover the man literally has no spine. A backstabber missing its back: a freak of nature… There wasn’t much we could do for the patient, except treat a festering Democrat boot-in-the-ass injury, aggravated by continual re-injury.”


Boeher really crying


“Remember: Like Barack Hussein Obama, Crazy Nancy Pelosi and everyone in Congress, I’m exempt from Obamacare. And unlike you, I can get decent treatment for repeated blunt-force injuries to my anus.

Boehner douche2

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One thought on “Squeaker Boehner Goes In For Spine Surgery — But Doctors Could Not Find One

  1. The on-call gynecologist who consulted on the case found that Boehner was not only ball-less but also had no penis. The doctor confirmed what conservatives long suspected, that Boehner had a rather large sloppy vagina. The gyne stated that the way Boehner cried all the time he fully expected to find sand in it. However the gynecologist extracted John McCain, Peter King, Lindsey Grahm and Eric Cantor from it. There was also evidence that Obama had been in there multiple times. Staff physicians are now predicting that Hillary, who is fond of large vaginas herself, would be visiting it frequently in the near future…..

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