THE ADVENTURES OF EBOLA BOY: Ebola Boy dercries the ‘gulf of mistrust’ between police and minorities that he created.

“Or is it the ‘golf’ of mistrust? I forget which.”   Related: The Ugly American (literally): Gorilla Michelle Goes Ape at U.N — Spreads Anti-American Lies And in case you forgot: The Racist/Hate Background of Michelle Obama   Michelle Obama without the 89 pounds make-up? (Cut on forehead from shaving.)

Have the terrorists who walked across our border that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (or whoever he really is) has opened coordinated to launch a mass terror attack on an American city or cities?

    Or is all this intentional, to allow de facto President Valerie Jarrett to declare martial law once these attacks begin?   “And you thought I was just standing around picking my nose.”     The de facto Squeaker John Boehner, watching our backs:   The de fatso First Lady, Transvestite and Garbage Can:

Can you spot the fascist stooge?

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Will the RINO idiocy ever end?

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