Corporations With American Blood On Their Hands for Funding The Murderous Activities of Obama Street-Thug Al Sharpton h/t: Write these bastards and let him know what you think about any roles they played in the assassinations of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, and the race-hatred across our nation created by the scummy Al Sharpton — and his ‘friend’ Barack Obama. Walmart first:   Murdered NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu … Read more


OBAMA AND SHARPTON ARE COMPLICIT IN MURDER:   TWO NEW YORK POLICE OFFICERS ASSASSINATED POLICE OFFICER SHOT TO DEATH IN FLORIDA         “If we don’t finish today handing over the country to these fascists, we’re going to be here until Christmas.”  

Mark Levin to the GOP: “I AM ONE INCH AWAY FROM LEAVING YOU!” Really, an inch? Mark, just what WILL it take for you to ‘leave’ the bastards?     If you give a corrupt, alcoholic, backstabbing, cowardly weasel an inch, he will take a mile:   “Treason is easy. It’s just the first time that’s hard.”   How’s this for an ‘inch:’   That other GOP … Read more

German History Is Repeating Itself — In America

“‘Hitler is a fad, destined to fail.”   “This cannot last. That was our feeling: this man is crazy. He’s nuts.”     “How could the Germans listen to him?”     “What does he have to give?’”     “Hitler’s gift to Germany was campaign of racist terror.”     Sound familiar?     … Read more

Gay Hollywood Executive Jokes With His Inside Knowledge of Obama’s Homosexuality

OPENLY GAY HOLLYWOOD EXEC OUTS OBAMA AS HOMOSEXUAL:      From The Astute Bloggers:            Ahead of a breakfast with President Obama hosted by DreamWorks Animation             CEO and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Katzenberg, Pascal asked Rudin,           “What   should I ask the president at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast?”            Pascal suggested, “Should I ask him … Read more

Time to throw out the GOP trash. It stinks.

  GOP Rep: House Leaders Lied To Get My Crucial Vote     The alternative — and the next president of the United States: