Squeaker Boehner ‘Expresses Doubts’ On Iran Deal


Iran negotiating table


After 4 years of hiding, the Squeaker surfaces again:

Iranian Defector: ‘U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf’


Boehner laying in white



And why are communist politicians so lazy? —

NYC Communist Mayor Doesn’t Work Most Mornings

De basio and shaprton

New York’s oaf mayor, with Obama street-thug, tax cheat, Jew-hating and homophobe Al Sharpton.



Meetings between Google executives and Federal Trade Commission officials raise questions about the FTC’s 2013 decision to drop an antitrust probe against the company.


Google controls what we buy, the news we read — and Obama’s policies

Larry Page silly lookalike

Google CEO Larry Page?



None of it might matter when civil war breaks out:

U.S. Special Operations holding urban warfare drills in Broward County


Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest


Commie obama large