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Home Uncategorized How the mass-murder in Colorado could have been averted:

How the mass-murder in Colorado could have been averted:

Published on July 21, 2012, by in Uncategorized.


If someone like white-Mexican George Zimmerman was at the Batman premiere Friday night, mass-murderer James Holmes would have been dead after his first shot.


Mass-murderer Holmes (with devil horns), left.

George Zimmerman, right.



“Is that true?  Strange — it does compute.

I mean, is it possible Palin isn’t a c-nt as well?

Who is Palin, anyway?”

Over-hyped Yahoo CEO and useful idiot of the left, Marissa Mayer



“Good thing for dat Holmes he shot just dem white people. 

Uddawise, I’d be all over dat @#$% — and quick!”

-Race baiter, Jew hater, homophobe, MSNBC television host and Obama-intimate Al Sharpton



“Breaking! — This is Brian Ross, with ABC News! Presidential candidate and Bain Capital felon Mitt Romney entered a Colorado theater at the midnight premiere of the movie ‘Superman,’ and shot 12 people dead, wounding 70 more! He was accompanied by his wife Ann, and her horse, making their getaway in an automobile with a dog on top! I repeat: presidential candidate Mitt Romney has massacred 12 people at nine o’clock showing of the movie ‘Iron Man!’ Stay tuned for further updates on this breaking story!”

ABC ‘News’ ‘reporter’ and soon-to-be defense litigant, Brian Ross.

A Bunch of Crap.



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