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The little fascists call for an end to the Electoral College:

  Little impotent-fascist and titanic fraudster Al Gore joins useful idiot and titantic contrivance Hillary Clinton in calling for an end to the Electoral College, the electoral mechanism so brilliantly designed to prevent tyranny by the majority: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College   “I’m still paying off my Electoral … Read more

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Propaganda

  The left’s war on truth. It’s all they’ve got:   Rolling Stone Magazine — a publication that is about music, as much as the New York Times is a publication about news reporting:        Obama’s infantile Twitter comment:     Reality check:   “That’s my seat! Bwwwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!         “That’s … Read more

Four Questions About the Democrat Convention:

First question: Will the DNC convention require a haz-mat cleanup afterwards, as all the #Occupy encampments did?   Second question: Will scheduled speaker, 1/32nd Jeep Cherokee and #Occupy-founder Elizabeth Warren, throw her feces as a climax to her speech?   Third question: Will Bill Clinton be the special guest rapist, or will there be a … Read more

Putting the ‘BS’ in CBS:

    CBS’ Bob Schieffer: ‘I Don’t Have Liberal Leanings’     “That’s FUNNY! HEE- HAW!…  HEE- HAW!”       “Yeah! HEE- HAW!…  HEE- HAW!”       “What am I doing here? I don’t get it — is this a joke?” -Hollywood idiot and horse’s ass Sarah Jessica Parker  

Ellen ‘Burka’ Barkin

  Moron More on Ellen “Murder My Opponents” Barkin:   Barkin’ Ellen: “After I help the Muslim Brotherhood take over, do you think they’ll let me keep flashing my new tits?”   Dennis Hopper: “Sure, baby. But only underneath your burka.”   Barkin’ Ellen: “You think? Maybe I should change my name to Ellen ‘Burka’ … Read more

The Chi Coms want Obama. What else do you need to know before you vote?

Communist China’s government-controlled media slams Romney as GOP convention begins:   “Don’t you understand? — We want your biggest idiot as president!”   America’s biggest idiot, bowing to Communist China’s ruler Hu Jintao:     A transcript of the exchange:   Obama: “I am Obama. You are who?” Hu: “Correct.” Obama: “You’re ‘Correct?’” Hu: … Read more

Kind of early to fold, Mitt — ya think?

  “What’s happening here? I had everything going for me — everything! — until these GOP hacks got in the mix and started screwing the base.   What’s going on with me? — I would have fired these a-holes in a heart-beat if they were working for me in the private sector! What do they … Read more

We don’t call them ‘Hollywood idiots’ for nothing:

  Barkin’ Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane Kills ‘Every Pro-Life, Xenophobic, Gay-Bashing SOB’ At The RNC TFR: “Ellen, what is a xenophobe?” Barkin: “Uh…someone who is afraid of Xenos?” TFR: “If you are not ‘pro-life,’ are you pro-death?” Barkin: “Uh…”   -Hollywood idiot, Barkin’ Ellen Barkin Samuel L. Jackson asks why GOP ‘spared’ by tropical … Read more

“Obama can kiss my ass”

  He can’t kiss mine. But if this brave soul Ray Gaster is willing…   (Lowbrow discourse? You bet. But this is the basement-level of political discourse our lunatic president and his equally deranged supporters have taken us. There are indeed times when it is appropriate for what is going around to come around. Welcome … Read more

But they’re ‘nice guys’….

  36 (three dozen!) Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes! (That’s an average of $24,500.00 apiece)   A new report just out from the Internal Revenue Service reveals that 36 of President Obama’s executive office staff owe the country $833,970 in back taxes. These people working for Obama haven’t paid any share, let alone their … Read more

NO JOKE: NEW LANDMARK STUDY — Cannabis smoking ‘permanently lowers IQ’

  Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis are putting themselves at risk of permanently damaging their intelligence, according to a landmark study.   Researchers found persistent users of the drug, who started smoking it at school, had lower IQ scores as adults.   They were also significantly more likely to have attention and memory problems in … Read more

Even if Mitt “Obama’s a nice guy!” Romney wins the election, he may never be sworn into office:

  On March 16, 2012 Obama wrote and signed Executive Order 13603 naming it: “National Defense Resources Preparedness.”   In black and white, Obama laid out a blueprint for an American president to lay siege over our nation and its economy by seizing control of:   – “All forms of civil transportation”   -“All commodities … Read more

Bob Dole: Advice from a loser

  Disastrous GOP Presidential Candidate ‘Bob’ Dole (“I’m Bob Dole — Bob Dole!”) Urges Mitt Romney To Confront The Republican Party’s Right Wing:   “Take my advice, Mitt. Otherwise you’re going to find yourself president in 2013.” -Bob Dole, grand old loser of the GOP

Romney’s ‘Nice Guy’ Insanity Is Back:

Romney: GOP convention theme against Obama will be “nice guy, failed President”   (Will Romney be remembered as “nice guy, failed candidate?”)   “Back to the old days! I can’t believe it!”     “And Michelle Obama is ‘lovely’ again!” -Ann Romney   “That’s right, @#$%!”     “Between agreeing to those corrupt, biased … Read more

‘LUNARTIC:’ White House commemorates Neil Armstrong’s death with an enormous photograph of the biggest putz to ever lead a nation, ‘Barack Obama:’

  Yes, that’s Dumbo in the center of the picture.     “Is the moon and Mars the same place? Could there be 57 planets, too?”     Says NY Times editor, Jill “Pruneface” Abramson: “If Barack Obama says the moon and Mars are the same place, they are the same place. Who … Read more

Obama’s General Links Spike in ‘Insider Attacks’ to Stress of Ramadan Fasting

  ( – The commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan on Thursday cited the stress of fasting during Ramadan – which fell at the height of summer this year – as one possible reason for a spike in “insider attacks” on U.S. troops. However, the Muslim fast month historically has been associated with jihad. … Read more

NY Times: Finally an admission and an explanation!

  .   In one sentence, the New York Times editor admits her corruption, gives her motive, and explains her stupidity:   “I (Times executive editor Jill Abramson) agree…that in covering some social and cultural issues, the Times…reflects its urban and cosmopolitan base.”   cos·mo·pol·i·tan adjective from provincial attachments.   Ugh.   The … Read more

An incredible quote:

  Argue with this, if you’re ignorant enough to try:   “I would like to solicit your consideration of two different markets, from a patent attorney’s viewpoint.   The market for medical treatment is heavily charged with public policy concerns, is highly regulated, and limited with respect to patent (personal property) rights.   The market … Read more

Whoopi Goldberg says about her hero, ‘Chester the Molester’ Polanski: “I know it wasn’t rape-rape”   “Whoopi’s right — sexual molestation of a child is not ‘rape-rape’ in Hollywood — a lot of us are screwing little kids. We’ll screw anything that walks — or lays down. Why do you think we flock there?  Or flock to those kiddie ‘beauty’ pageants. Look, everyone is making a very big deal … Read more

Horror! Romney Used ‘Blockers’ to Avoid Taxes–abc-news-topstories.html    On the other hand:   -Obama Used Radical Islamists to Get into Harvard   -Obama Used Voter Fraud Groups to Get Elected in Chicago   -Obama Safe-Schools Czar Kevin ‘Fisting’ Jennings Advocates Bizarre Sex Acts with Minors     -Obama Used Communists (Van Jones) in High White House Positions    -Obama Used Maoists … Read more

Sadly, these are true stories:

  Valerie Jarrett, enriching herself with inside information:  Obama senior “adviser” Valerie Jarrett’s real-estate investment “jumped” in value between 2010 and 2011: “I advise you to scam me more money, is what I advise.”     Yet Another Ghostwriting Accusation Leveled at CNN’s and TIME Magazine’s Resident America-hater, Fareed Zakaria Ghostwriting Accusation Leveled at Fareed … Read more