The Clueless Contrivance: Hillary Clinton

  If you think Hillary Clinton had her head up her ass over the goings-on in the Middle East, it must be reaching her throat by now re the goings-on in Communist China:   Intrigue in Beijing: (Clinton, you drunk: that’s in China, in case you don’t know)   For the United States, the Bo … Read more

The bizarre and tragic cognitive disconnect of Lazy Jay-Z:

What are we going to do with people this ignorant?   1) Jay-Z Dumbell Supports Barack Obama But Thinks “We Need Less Government” 2) Jay-Z Dumbell Says He’ll Vote For Obama Because He’s Black Tell Us Something We Don’t Know… Jay-Z Says He’ll Vote For Obama Because He’s Black   He’s got other problems as well: … Read more

These two a-holes spent $1.4 BILLION of OUR money last YEAR on themselves!

ONE YEAR: $1,400,000,000.00! — On THEMSELVES! — OUR money!   Taxpayers spent $1.4 BILLION dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.   In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family. … Read more

Establishment GOP Stupidity, on Parade Yet Again:

  “Romney has been a supremely cautious candidate when it comes to attacking Obama. Fearful that he will be called racist, mean or angry, Romney has pulled a lot of punches when it comes to the commander in chief.   “At times, Romney has sounded like an insurance salesman respectfully submitting that his package of … Read more

Add ‘criminal’ to Elizabeth Warren’s lineage:

  Fraudster Elizabeth Warren maintained a private law practice at Cambridge, Massachusetts office for over a decade but was not licensed in Massachusetts to practice law!   Besides civil fraud, it is a crime to practice law without a license. Perhaps there’s a warren warrant out for her arrest.   “I thought I only had … Read more

Obama’s mentor and father-figure, pervert and communist Frank Marshall Anus

  EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA SEX PERV SCANDAL   The ENQUIRER exclusively reports a “sex pervert” was Sen. Barack Obama‘s longtime mentor and “father figure”.   For seven years, Barack Obama had a “father-son” relationship with communist Frank Marshall Davis, who has confessed to having sex with children, sadomasochism, bondage and practicing a wide array of deviant … Read more

Bloomingidiotberg Makes Plea for Mandatory Breastfeeding!   Our nation is collapsing and the world is careening towards war.  And this is the most pressing issue this jerkoff can put his energy, billions and office behind:    

Boehner speaks out on ‘Obama’s excuses,’ and makes an ass of himself. As usual.

Responding to Barack Obama saying Washington cannot be changed from the “inside,” House Speaker John Boehner labeled the comment “troubling” and the president’s “latest excuse,” adding that he, Boehner,  has been “changing a lot” in Washington.   (It’s comforting that Boehner’s ‘troubled,’ isn’t it? And Boehner is right: he has changed things — for the … Read more

GOP Senators ‘furious’ NYTimes got better Obama briefing on Libya attack; Retired Senator Blutto Blutarski Reacts!

  Senate Republicans are furious the Obama administration rebuffed their attempts to learn details of the Benghazi attack, only to give the coveted information to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. GOP lawmakers were incensed to find many of the details they tried to learn Thursday were in a front-page article in … Read more