Boehner speaks out on ‘Obama’s excuses,’ and makes an ass of himself. As usual.

Responding to Barack Obama saying Washington cannot be changed from the “inside,” House Speaker John Boehner labeled the comment “troubling” and the president’s “latest excuse,” adding that he, Boehner,  has been “changing a lot” in Washington.


(It’s comforting that Boehner’s ‘troubled,’ isn’t it? And Boehner is right: he has changed things — for the worse.)


Boehner continued: “Well, you actually can change Washington from the inside. It takes courage, it takes determination and it takes sincerity and it’s called leadership and I’ve been here for 22 years.”


(This, from a clown who has demonstrated no courage, no determination and no leadership since he became speaker in 2010 simply by virtue of  being the GOP hack who has been around longer than any other GOP hack.)


Boehner Courage:

Boehner Determination:


Boehner Leadership:



“All right buddy, what are you trying to say?”



That you’ve made orange the new yellow. Get back on the lawn until we get rid of you in 2013, after Mitt Romney is sworn in as president.