Obama Fires Honest Federal Workers, Replacing Them with Felons, Buying the Criminal Class

  Classic strategy of a dictator — begin to employ people willing to do your illegal bidding on the streets:   Federal government forces companies with federal contracts to fire honest workers and replace them with convicted felons:. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/09/16/american-prison-labor-means-longer-unemployment-lines/?test=latestnews    The Obama Nation:     “We may be stupid, but we sure know how is … Read more

Can we still trust Clinton and Obama?

        So who in the world with any kind of brains would still support Obama and Clinton?     Yikes.  Yahoo CEO Mari$$a “Ditz” Mayer would — and quite heartily:       So would Jewish show biz Obama-cultist Jeffery Katzenberg, funneling $6 Million to Obama: http://freebeacon.com/katzenberg-funnels-6-6-million-to-obama/     “I always said … Read more

New ebay rules put you at the mercy of telephone solicitors — even if you have to pay toll fees for their call:

  The Fine Report has got your back:   WHAT is ebay thinking?   How’s this for getting annoyed by telephone solicitors — even if you get stuck paying for it:   Provisions relating to eBay’s contacts with its “members:” Pursuant to the eBay User Agreement, you agree that eBay, its affiliates, agents, and independent … Read more