The American Nightmare: Tale of Two B.S. Artists

  “Me! I! Barack! We need more time! Change! Hope! Haliburton! It’s Bush’s fault! It’s….”   (Says “I” or “Me” 83 times in DNC speech.) Michelle Says “I” or “Me” 83 times   Her False Fairy Tale (aka “lies”) of Struggle     Says “I” or “Me” 83 times in DNC speech.

Elections Matter — Another Parasite Named “Michelle” Gets Overfed by Taxpayers:

  Massachusetts judge approves taxpayer-funded sex change for life-sentenced murderer: -Michelle Kosilek was born male but has received hormone treatments and now lives as a woman in an all-male prison. Robert Kosilek was convicted of murder in the killing of his wife in 1990.     “If the government paid for my surgery, it … Read more

Crazy Elizabeth Warren’s “Indian” Fraud — the Video:

  Crazy Elizabeth Warren lied about having ‘minority status’ to gain admission to college and obtain other benefits (bumping aside the people they were actually for). This could be grounds for civil fraud, and possibly criminal liability:    “How?”     The expose:     H/T

Happy Labor Day from Obama and First Thug Richard Trumka!

  Just imagine if this lunatic is re-elected…     “Don’t worry — I’ll be there to protect you!”     “Boehner, shut-up and get back on the lawn!”     “Sorry, Mrs. Obama.  I just got a little excited. Would you tell Mr. Obama I am back on the lawn? Please?”  

THE RUSH TO SURRENDER: GOP ‘establishment’ hacks haves found a way to destroy the gift Clint Eastwood’s has given!

  SIMPLY BEYOND BELIEF.   These a-holes have NO @#$% clue on how to win elections. NONE! (Or is it possible they simply don’t want to??)   GOP Establishment Hacks Cause Clint Eastwood’s speech to be deleted from all official RNC videos! A Romney adviser said the presidential candidate found Eastwood’s skit funny, but other … Read more

Ann Romney Tells Vogue Magazine to Take a Walk:

  Ann Romney tells Vogue, the ‘Michelle Obama glamorizing’ magazine (an impossible task, so give them credit for trying), to go take a hike:   According to a story in the New Republic, the potential first lady declined to be profiled in Vogue magazine:   The magazine notes that several high-profile Democratic women have been … Read more

Colleges Now Offering Degrees in “Useful Idiocy:”

  Breaking the Law: College offers Credit for Campaigning for Obama A public university in Colorado may have violated state law by offering students course credit if they volunteered with President Obama’s re-election campaign. A blog post on the Adams State University website billed the opportunity as a “12 week long organizing internship for the … Read more

George Zimmerman Wins Appeal for New Judge

  George Zimmerman’s new judge: Debra S. Nelson,  a 13-year judicial veteran who has a reputation for working hard, being ambitious and imposing long prison terms:   “Dum-dee-dum-dum…“ -Judge Debra S. Nelson

Ooops! — Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble:

  Barack Obama pushed banks to give subprime loans to Chicago’s African-Americans — 50% of them defaulted; only 10% still own homes:   Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since … Read more


Hardballs:   “Mr. Romney, isn’t it true that even though you weren’t born at the time, you actively participated in the Armenian genocide by personally machine-gunning hundreds of thousands of women and children and then taking their money, using it to fund the Ku Klux Klan by laundering it through Bain Capital?”     “No. … Read more

Obama’s parting gift to America: Iran getting the atomic bomb

    Obama quietly aids Iran in the home stretch in their development of nuclear weaponry:   Exclusive: U.S. Scales-Back Military Exercise with Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike       “Not so funny now, am I?”     Nah. Still pretty funny.

The dumbest Secretary of State in the history of the Republic: Hillary Clinton (redux)

The word “stupid” doesn’t even come close to describing this woman among Secretary of States. The noun “chair” does, however.   The Muslim Brotherhood Take Over Egypt:     “Muslim who-hood?…hic!…” -Secretary of Inebriation, Hillary Clinton   -Among friends: Clinton and race baiter, Jew hater, homophobe, MSNBC television host and Obama-intimate Al Sharpton   … Read more

Dept.of Home-Girl Security / Janet Napolitano Scandal Continues — Miss Piggy 2 Resigns; Miss Piggy 1 Remains:

  ICE chief of staff resigns after allegations of lewd conduct, sexual harrassment and discrimination charges at Obama/Napolitano DHS   – Obama’s — and America’s — ICE Chief,  Rosanne Suzanne Barr   A top official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement has resigned following allegations by several subordinates of lewd behavior.   The resignation comes … Read more

Goodnight laugh:

  ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: ‘No Bias in Media’   MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall ran into “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. When asked if he believes there is a liberal bias in the media, he responds,”I don’t.” When asked again, he walks away.    “Give him the … Read more

Barack Obama Orders All Chairs Destroyed:

      The offending chair:     “Not fair!!” Bwwwaaaaaaaa!!!!     “Sir, does this mean I’ll never be allowed to sit down again?”     “Boehner, shut-up !! Bwwwaaaaaaaa!! Bwwwaaaaaaa!!!