Darling of the American left, dictator Vladmir Putin, is looting Russia:


The man rivals Michelle Obama in his greed:


Vladimir Putin once compared ruling Russia to being a “galley slave”, but four yachts that come with the job, not to mention palaces, aircraft and a wealth of luxury perks help explain his refusal to quit the presidency, leading critics said on Tuesday.


Listing 58 planes and helicopters and 20 homes with opulent fittings worthy of the tsars, not to mention 11 watches which alone are worth several times Putin’s annual salary, a report published under the ironic title “The Life of a Galley Slave” by opposition leader Boris Nemtsov denounced a “blatant and cynical challenge” to millions of Russians barely managing to survive.



– Putin opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov



Says Hollywood idiot, Barkin’ Ellen Barkin:

“So what if Putin is a xenophobic, gay-bashing SOB? He controls everything. He puts people in prison — or kills them! –for any opposition! Isn’t that what we need here?! Remember, I did hope that hurricane in Tampa KILLS — yes, kills! — everyone in the RNC who opposes me! Death to the infidels!


Damn, I wish I was Putin — or at least high up in the Muslim Brotherhood…”


Note to self: