Boehner Has Second Thoughts About Ryan as V.P. Choice:

  “Judging by the favorable reaction, I find this choice of Ryan very disturbing. This calls into question Mitt Romney’s ability to lose. I mean, has the man gone crazy?  What if he wins?  We’ll all have to actually do something!” -Squeaker of the House John Boehner     “John, John, John… Have a little faith! … Read more

Conservative Law Professor and Blogger William A. Jacobson of Cornell Drops the Hammer Down!     “Not really interested in your criticisms of the Ryan pick.”   Prof. Jacobson continues:   *ISSUE: “So what about Republicans and other Romney supporters who don’t think much of the pick or Ryan as V.P.?  What should they do?”   RULE: “Shut up.”   -Cornell Professor of Law, William A. Jacobson   … Read more

Romney Picks Ryan as VP

  “I’m glad he took my advice. Mitt simply needed a policy guy to augment his already captivating charisma. Besides, like I told him, ‘When you lose, you should lose the old-fashioned GOP way! The ash-heap of history is already too full with losers going out with no style. You don’t want to be one … Read more

Romney, Re-Thinks His Obama “Nice Young Man” Comment:

  “I’m not a murderer. I’m positive of that.”   “Am I going crazy, or that Ann Coulter right? — And did I misinterpret Boehner’s advice that Obama is just a’nice you man, in over his head,’ for he’s a ‘nice hung man, into giving head?’ Is that possible?   And Ann’s ‘Michelle Obama is … Read more