President Contrivance

A quote that will be forever associated with the contrivance of ‘Barack Obama:’   Obama Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter: “Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine ‘Equally Important’ to Press Conferences”   Madeleine ‘Not So Bright’ Albright campaigns for Obama: “We’re going to blame Bush ‘forever’”     Air-head supreme:       “Don’t forget … Read more


All part of the plan….   WALL STREET JOURNAL: Think Gas Prices Are Bad Now? Surge in Futures (19%+) and Cost of Oil Hasn’t Fully Shown Up at the Pump:     “$9 a gallon. just like in Europe!…” – ‘Barack Obama,’ the greatest fraud in the history of the world.     High … Read more

‘Obama:’ The Greatest Fraud Ever Told:

‘Barack Obama’ will go down in history as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon an electorate.   Worse than the fraud itself, is America’s free press having conspired in so willingly.   Almost as worse, is the opposition party having enabled the fraud, by its own passivity.       The ignoramus, by his own … Read more

Michael Bloomberg is nuts. Any argument?

Bloomberg: Make Immigrants Live in Detroit, If They ‘Survive 7 Years’ Make Them Citizens   Bloomberg: ‘Nobody Has Come Across the U.S.-Mexico Border in a Long Time’     “Now that‘s a funny guy!”   “Yeah!”