Pornography Problem in the Executive Branch:

  “Houston, we have a porn problem.”    The deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security was arrested for trying to seduce online someone he thought was a teenage girl. Now, the Securities and Exchange Commission found that 17 of 31 employees caught accessing porn at work since Barack Obama was elected — … Read more

It didn’t take long for GOP Establishment’s stupidity to rear it’s ugly face:

  This is beyond unbelievable:   DEBATE MODERATORS ANNOUNCED: PBS Jim Lehrer, first Pres debate, Oct 3 Denver… CNN Candy Crowley, town hall, Oct 16, Hempstead NY… CBS Bob Schieffer, third Pres debate, Oct. 22, Boca Raton… ABC Martha Raddatz, VP debate, Oct 11, Danville KY…   (source:     “Stupidity is back, baby!” … Read more