Vince Lombardi Drops the Hammer on Boehner — and Voters:

  “Listen you, lamebrains! — We play offense, you hear? Forget defense! No idiot coach ever won a championship with just great defense! Just who’s running this GOP show, anyway??”   – Pro football legend Vince Lombardi   “I am. And I’m tired. And I’m scared.”     “Fatigue makes cowards of us all, pal. … Read more

Another Boehner Bizarre ‘Gift’ to Obama — and a Blow to the Constitution:

  Obama signs Boehner-enabled bill exempting presidential appointees from Senate confirmation     “The United States Constitution does not bestow kingly powers on the President to appoint the senior officers of the government with no process,” wrote Thomas McClusky, senior vice president for the Family Research Council’s legislative arm, in a memo to lawmakers … Read more