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The little fascists call for an end to the Electoral College:

  Little impotent-fascist and titanic fraudster Al Gore joins useful idiot and titantic contrivance Hillary Clinton in calling for an end to the Electoral College, the electoral mechanism so brilliantly designed to prevent tyranny by the majority: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College   “I’m still paying off my Electoral … Read more

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Propaganda

  The left’s war on truth. It’s all they’ve got:   Rolling Stone Magazine — a publication that is about music, as much as the New York Times is a publication about news reporting:       ¬†Obama’s infantile Twitter comment:     Reality check:   “That’s my seat! Bwwwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!         “That’s … Read more

Four Questions About the Democrat Convention:

First question: Will the DNC convention require a haz-mat cleanup afterwards, as all the #Occupy encampments did?   Second question: Will scheduled speaker, 1/32nd Jeep Cherokee and #Occupy-founder Elizabeth Warren, throw her feces as a climax to her speech?   Third question: Will Bill Clinton be the special guest rapist, or will there be a … Read more