America-hater and Obama-intimate Fareed Zakaria Caught Plagiarizing — AGAIN


Another leftist media fraud gets a mere ‘time out!’ for lying:


What do you call a fraud caught stealing other peoples’ writing and calling it his own? This week, you call him: “Fareed Zakaria”


Time and CNN “commentator” Fareed Zakaria (who’s name, loosely translated in English, means, “What do you expect at the prices you pay me?”) was suspended for a month after being accused of plagiarism — again. Previously, Zakaria was caught plagiarizing material from Atlantic Magazine and publishing it in Newsweek as his own work.


“Next time Zakaria steals someone elses’ work and passes it off as his own one of my networks” threatened angry Time-Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes, “he loses all limousine privileges for a month! You hear me? One month.”

-Time-Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes



Says Zakaria:


“But when I wrote ‘I hate America,’ I assure you I actually came up with those words. Or it might have been Barack Obama — but I did organize them into a coherent thought. And how come you’re picking on me? How come you don’t pick on Obama for not writing those two ‘books’ of his? Huh? Or his bogus college records? Or his bogus everything? Huh? And Andrea Mitchell on NBC — she lies all the time!  Or Bewkes, for his lousy cable service? Why me, huh? Why me?”

-Fareed Zakaria (assuming, that is, he didn’t steal the name from someone else)

“The hell with you at Time and CNN! While I’m on mere suspension, I’ll do other things. So would any of you people out there like to see some of my artwork? — I have a new painting I call the ‘Mona Lisa.’ No? How about hearing some of my music.  — I’ve got a new song I wrote called ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’  No? Would you like to preview my new book, ‘Dreams of My Father?’ No? How about a movie script I wrote, ‘The Godfather.’ No? How about a blog I started, called ‘TheFineReport?’ Yes? — Ahhhh, so finally something I can steal from, and have some peace from you people!”


Zakaria caught stealing from the New Yorker Magazine:


Zakaria caught stealing from Atlantic Magazine:




Two frauds, tete a tete:


“Barack, now I’ll ask you a stupid question, and you can give me a stupid answer.”

“Fareed, I must request you do not make it too hard of a stupid question.”

“But Barack, that itself was as stupid question.”

“Fareed, it was not a question.”

“Then what was it, Barack?”

“I donno — I just kinda said something. You know, like a request.”

“So Barack, you’re requesting that I do not ask you stupid questions that are too hard?”

“Fareed, is that a question?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“I’m confused.”

“Don’t worry, we’re out of time, anyway.”



“I like that Fareed almost as much as I like that Axelrod. But where is his fez and swastika? When we go to the trouble of making these things, we expect people to wear them.”

-Adolph Hitler


The fez:

-Fez (a hat) worn by Muslim volunteers (get that: they were volunteers) for the Nazi death squads during World War II. It also served as a drinking cup or a portable toilet. Hopefully most Muslim Nazi volunteers used them for both — and then again as a hat. While full.