Boehner Has Second Thoughts About Ryan as V.P. Choice:


“Judging by the favorable reaction, I find this choice of Ryan very disturbing. This calls into question Mitt Romney’s ability to lose. I mean, has the man gone crazy?¬† What if he wins?¬† We’ll all have to actually¬†do something!”

-Squeaker of the House John Boehner



“John, John, John… Have a little faith! Give the guy some time to figure out another way blow the election. I went through the same thing after they forced Palin on me. But my subsequent “Obama is a good man” statements put things back where I wanted them to be. Trust me: the RINO is not an endangered species in this country.”

-Stockholm Syndrome sufferer, John McCain



“I’ll second that!”

RINO Lyndsay Grahmnesty