Kind of early to fold, Mitt — ya think?


“What’s happening here? I had everything going for me — everything! — until these GOP hacks got in the mix and started screwing the base.


What’s going on with me? — I would have fired these a-holes in a heart-beat if they were working for me in the private sector! What do they want to do, start a third party so we lose the next election?!…  Hey, could this be a continuing strategy?… This is sure starting to feel like an entrenched board of directors situation.

And it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to straighten my tie.


Gotta think…. Gotta think….”


– Mittens on or off?







 Rat 1:

Obama’s lawn jockey, John Boehner


Rat 2:

RINO Lindsey Graham


Rat 3:

RINO Lisa Murkowski


The Official RINO Rat:


Honorable Mention:

-RINO John McCain