An incredible quote:


Argue with this, if you’re ignorant enough to try:


“I would like to solicit your consideration of two different markets, from a patent attorney’s viewpoint.


The market for medical treatment is heavily charged with public policy concerns, is highly regulated, and limited with respect to patent (personal property) rights.


The market for electronic goods is not subject to as much public policy, is far less regulated, and does not suffer from limits as to patentability.


Prices for medicine keep going up. Prices for electronic goods keep going down.”





“Wow, that makes sense to me.

And we all know what a dumbass I am.”

-Crazy Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, who voters booted out of office in 2010.



“What are you guys trying to do here — win?!

Do you realize the heavy-lifting you’ll be putting me on the spot to do?

Please don’t force me to lose my job as Obama’s lawn jockey — I ‘m content there. If I behave myself, he even lets me play golf  once in a while, if he’s not using the course that month. Plus, I’m top in the running a spot as his caddie. Imagine: ‘John Boehner, Caddie to the President.’ Wow. I actually think I’d cry.”

-House Speaker John Boehener, a vain coward of historic proportions.


Working his way up to caddie: