Horror! Romney Used ‘Blockers’ to Avoid Taxes



 On the other hand:


-Obama Used Radical Islamists to Get into Harvard


-Obama Used Voter Fraud Groups to Get Elected in Chicago


-Obama Safe-Schools Czar Kevin ‘Fisting’ Jennings Advocates Bizarre Sex Acts with Minors



-Obama Used Communists (Van Jones) in High White House Positions


 -Obama Used Maoists (Anita Dunn) in High White House Positions


Obama Raises U.S. Debt Higher Than All Presidents Combined


-Michelle Obama Takes $10 Million Dollars Worth of Personal Vacations at Taxpayer Expense


-Obama was a marijuana addict, and suffers from a condition known as ‘post-marijuana syndrome


-Obama Plays Golf 105 Times in 3 1/2 Years — More than All Previous Presidents Combined


-Obama Calls for Abandoning the US Constitution in Favor of Limited Personal Rights, As Mandated by the Government


-Obama Calls for Nazi S.S./Soviet-Style Security Force in the United States


-Obama Trillion Dollar “Green Projects Used to Pay-off Political Cronies


-Obama Trillion Dollar Stimulus Fails — TWICE


-Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a Drunk



-Obama Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano is Embroiled in Lesbian Sexual Harassment Scandal at DHS


-Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Caught Enriching Her Real Estate Holdings Using Insider Information


-Obama Loses Egypt and Libya to Radical Muslim Brotherhood


-Obama to Allow Iran to Develop Nuclear Weapons


-Obama Allowed US-Russia and US-China relations to Fall to New Low


-Obama Fosters Racial Hatred and Class Warfare


-Obama Refuses to Release Hidden School Records



“Oh no! Not ‘blockers!'”



“‘Blockers’? What the hell are ‘blockers?'”



“I don’t know, I never heard of them. The Democrat media must have made it up! Fareed Zarkawia broke the story, after plagiarizing it from somewhere.”



“They sound pretty bad. Well, that’s that — ya can’t get use blockers and expect to get elected president of the United States. Romney shoulda never picked that Sarah Palin as a running mate.

Obama 2012!”

“Hey Boehner, I thought Obama said you were still a lawn jockey. When did he tell ya you could put on long pants and stand upright?”




“Uh-oh, I forgot — back to the position. Now he’s going to yell at me. I just know it.”




“‘Blocker & Blocker‘ is the name of my accounting firm!  You know, now I’m sorry I agreed to letting the Democrats put the fix in the debates with those leftists hack ‘moderators.’ I tell ya: never again.”