Whoopi Goldberg says about her hero, ‘Chester the Molester’ Polanski: “I know it wasn’t rape-rape”



“Whoopi’s right — sexual molestation of a child is not ‘rape-rape’ in Hollywood — a lot of us are screwing little kids. We’ll screw anything that walks — or lays down. Why do you think we flock there?  Or flock to those kiddie ‘beauty’ pageants. Look, everyone is making a very big deal out of this. She was 13 — that’s almost 18. Time flies at that age. And a little sodomy at that 13 won’t kill you — just ask Obama’s safe-school Czar, Kevin ‘Fisting’ Jennings. (And people call me a pervert?) Besides — she came-on to me? Right, Whoopi?”

-Child molester Roman ‘Chester’ Polanski



“Hey, who am I to judge? Right-right?”

A very big mouth. A very small mind.



This is ‘rape-rape,’ Goldberg, you moron: