NY Times: Finally an admission and an explanation!




In one sentence, the New York Times editor admits her corruption, gives her motive, and explains her stupidity:


“I (Times executive editor Jill Abramson) agree…that in covering some social and cultural issues, the Times…reflects its urban and cosmopolitan base.”





1.free from provincial attachments.




The comically stuck-up NY Times editor,

Jill Abramson:

“I’m free from you peons’ provisional attachments.

And I drink cosmopolitans. Plenty of them.”




Just who else but its ‘urban and cosmopolitan base’ of useful idiots buys this rag anymore?



An urbane cosmopolitan idiot speaks:

“I buy it! I subscribe, anyway. And, I’m a socialist! (I’m not sure what socialism means, but it sure sounds fun – for the rest of you, that is.)

Which paper is the New York Times again? The one with all the big pages?…

How come there’s no funny-page section?”

Urbane and cosmopolitan idiot, Elle Macpherson, ‘fashionable socialist:’