Axelrod claims Obama “apoplectic” about GSA spending. But here’s how their conversation really went…

The scene: Obama advisor David Axelrod spoke with Obama at 2PM, the end of Obama’s work day. This conversation would have taken place earlier in the day, but Axelrod arrived at 10:30AM, a half hour before Obama normally comes down from the White House living quarters.   Axelrod: Barack, I’m going on TV tomorrow and … Read more

Alternative-reality-speak: Axelrod Warns GOP Will Bankrupt U.S., Not Obama

After Barack Obama puts the nation 5 trillion  dollars in debt in his first term, Obama advisor David Axelrod re-defines reality for the ignorant, the corrupt and the indoctrinated. The “Buffet Rule,” claims Axelrod: 1- will relieve the $5,000,000.000,000.00 budget debt created by Obama by a possible .0094%; 2- despite encouraging class warfare and targeting … Read more

Hard Time: Mike Tyson impregnated guard while in prison

–  Baby did not surivive childbirth; – Was to be named “481649 Tyson, Jr.;“ – Now, Tyson says he is reformed and lives a sober, vegan lifestyle, precluding all sex with prison guards or frozen vegetables.

Hugo Chavez Missing – End Feared Near

– Multiple Botched Cancer Treatments Puts His Endorsement of Cuban Health Care System On Hold – Confides to family: “I don’t know which is worse  — that I didn’t go to a Jewish doctor in New York in the first place, or that my last living photograph is me wearing this hat.”

GOOGLE and TITANIC PRODUCER LOOK to MINE ASTEROIDS for ENERGY  The Professor Weighs In: “That’s titantically stupid. Why don’t they just mine for energy right under their feet? There’s a whole planet, with an infinite source of heat in its core. Even our nearby moon has infinite energy resources in the form of a substance called O3 that covers the surface to great depths … Read more