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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard purportedly asks Peter Hipper-Zipper-Dipper-Flipper-Nipper-Slipper to extend his time away from his post as Speaker of the Lower House:


  Subtle pressure purportely exerted: ‘Get the #%&@ out!’


–  Gillard fears Lower House will get even lower


–  Scandal alleges use of taxpayer-funded taxi vouchers and sexual harassment claims


 – Claims Slipper grabbed Gillard’s bottom ‘one last time, for good luck,’ before spiriting away in a hired car at taxpayer expense


Says Gillard: “It wasn’t so much my bum getting the pinch, but I did overhear Speaker Slipper tell the taxi driver, ‘to England, and step on it!’  I fear that ride is going to cost quite a bit of money.


However — The Fine Report has the inside story, as told to us by the official Lower House photographer, who overhead the following exchange between Gillard and Slipper as he snapped this photo:


– “Julia, finish your cocktail, then meet me under the desk.”
– “Peter! Isn’t the rest of the House watching?”
– “No, it’s safe to come in – I sent them all home in taxis.  The only one left is this bloke taking my picture — and you’d think he’d get on with it already.”



“That country is crazy! Why don’t they just co-opt the news media, like we did here?”

-Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who might have bought-off the American news  media, she but couldn’t buy off enough American voters, and as a result, got a collective foot in her ass in 2010.  She is now a Congresswoman from Northern California, but remains the House Minority Leader of the Democrat party. We look forward  putting more boots in her ass for the damage she’s done to our nation.



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