Some fun, for the rest of us

This, from the French news site, French-News-Online (with a correction):


For a decidedly American bullsh-t slant on top news stories, check this video newsfeed daily
– Click the image above”


– ‘Slant’ is right. Sadly, friends on the other side of the globe: the vast majority of major American network and newspaper ‘news’ is no longer reporting of fact. It is more akin to propaganda to benefit the American political party of the left (the Democrat party, the name of which should not be confused with “democracy”).


– If you want to know what is really going on in the United States, you’d do better to read a variety of ‘new’ American media sources (such as, which is a good place to start) or Canadian and British online news sources other than the BBC (;


– Or read The Fine Report!


Interestingly, The Fine Report recently commissioned a study that revealed people who regularly read us have marketly better chances of attracting sex partners.


(But always remember how little we pay for things around here, especially things like studies.)


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