Talk show hag and useful idiot of the left Joy Behar wants to see Romney’s house burn down

Queen of daytime useful idiocy, Joy Behar Wants to See Romney’s House Burn Down: ‘It Would Be Kind of Cool – the Mormon Fire Patrol’ How about this:  as Romney’s house burns down, Joy Behar is in it.  Now that’s funny!   “I thought you guys were on vacation.” -Useful idiot Joy Behar  

Jeb Bush: RINO

Jeb Bush: No Place For Father, Reagan In Today’s “Ultra-conservative” GOP   “I always knew George Bush would flinch. No surprise with Jeb.“ -Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan       “I thought you guys were on vacation.” -Jeb Bush. All that’s missing is a horn coming out if the middle of his face. … Read more