GOP backstabbing has begun: RINOs Declare War on Tea Party

“The Tea Party has completely…ruined the Republican Party”:  Jon Huntsman Sr.   — Huntsman is the father of Jon Huntsman Jr., the RINO who unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination in 2012. — Huntsman says Jeb Bush is “very bright and able” and “would represent the Republican party very well, but doubts Bush would be embraced … Read more

I won a landslide election and all I got was this lousy Squeaker

F@#K THE SQUEAKER AND THE FAT ASS HE RODE IN ON:  IT’S TIME TO REPEAL OBAMACARE     Special 2014 Election thanks to Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Benghazi Clinton, Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama (or whoever he really is,) Moose Obama, Dumb-eth Paltrow and the rest of the democRAT lunatics for handing over the U.S. … Read more