Starting To Seem Familiar Here At Home?

  EU Diplomat: My Government ‘Believes Obama Is Quite Mentally Unwell’   Hillary Clinton: Nationwide Gun Ban, Repeal of Second Amendment “Worth Considering”   Obama handler Valerie Jarrett: FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family   Are you going to trust your entire way of life to be defended by corrupt, … Read more

We need a Speaker, not another Squeaker. We ain’t buyin’ Ryan.

If you loved Romney/Ryan in 2012, you’ll love Squeaker Ryan in 2016.     Ryan’s Open Borders Push With Luis Gutierrez Exposed in 2013 Video   Say “NO!” on rino Ryan as Squeaker II. One Boehner is enough.   Rino Ryan plots with leftist lunatic member of Congress, Pattie Murray. What could Ryan possibly … Read more

HOPE AND CHANGE: Squeaker Boehner Is Booted Out!

Conservatives Force Obama Lapdog to Resign! Trump Vote-Machine to Leave Congress In October Leaves Five-Year Legacy of Cowardice, Treason and Capitulation RINOS Grieve: “John Boehner has been a great leader of the Republican Party and the House of Representatives,” said RINO Rep. Paul Ryan.   The RINOs are still clueless! “…A theory of Boehner’s struggles … Read more

Mental Illness and Hillary Clinton

    She’s a crazy, corrupt, incompetent, sociopath, unhealthy and old.     But she might be fit for certain 3AM calls:     If she’s not in prison.           

McConnell Keeps Lying, and Boehner Keeps Crying

What losers. And we tolerate them. What does that make us?   Boehner Cries During Golf Channel Interview     Obama’s failing presidency found salvation: A GOP controlled Congress for his last two years in office. They will salvage some of his legacy:  

Orrin Hatch Sings the RINO Blues

After Ted Cruz calls sleazebag McConnell the liar he is, the RINOS starting whining:   Whined Hatch:   “Squabbling and sanctimony may be tolerated in other venues and perhaps on the campaign trail, but they have no place among colleagues in the United States Senate… I will now sing my rendition of ‘Cry Me A … Read more

Scientists Investigating Melting Arctic Ice May Have Been Assassinated

Cambridge Professor Suspects Assassination In Deaths of Scientists Investigating ‘Global Warming’   Professor Peter Wadhams (top left) believes fellow scientists (top right clockwise) Seymour Laxon, Tim Boyd and Katherine Giles may have been assassinated.  Professor Laxon ‘fell’ down a flight of stairs and died.  Dr Giles was killed by a truck while cycling to … Read more

Ted Cruz Calls Lying Mitch McConnell A Liar; GOP Hacks Join With Democrat Media to Attack

Well, you can always tell a sleazeball by his sleazeball friends:   “Senate GOP Leaders Want To Put Ted Cruz In A Time Out”    McConnell, and the rest of the sleazy, blackmailed clowns:     More of a leader than all of the hacks of the GOP put together:

It’s the charge of the rinos: in attacking Trump, they’re just making him stronger

All you need to know: Jeb “Hillary Lite” Bush, “Mittens” Romney and Marco “Schumer” Rubio Join in an attack on Donald Trump     The rinos are just making Trump stronger.   Trump stands by statements on Mexican illegal immigrants:     Same sh*t, just a different face:   h/t: (Though nobody … Read more

Opportunist and new rino hero: Nikki Haley folds without even being challenged

Haley’s Charleston response, Confederate flag stand spark VP talk     Former tea party darling Nikki Haley now attracts scorn from SC conservative groups   Conservatives furious at ‘RINO’ Nikki Haley for supporting Confederate flag’s removal  

Make a stand: boycott NASCAR

  NASCAR Distances Itself From Donald Trump After Remarks   You lost us, NASCAR. But enjoy your new fans!     NASCAR’s next race:       Speaking of cowards:  


For a ride on an airplane, Boehner sold out his country.   RINO Rat Boehner gets his first Air Force One ride with Obama       The dozen Conservatives targeted by GOP leaders:   SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES AND THE TEA PARTY.   BUT STARVE THE GOP — DON’T GIVE IT A PENNY … Read more

Crazy Nancy Pelosi: Savior of the Republic?

Crazy Nancy Pelosi, doing the work Boehner and McTurtle are too scared, corrupt and/or incompetent to do:   Pelosi Kills Obamatrade!   The Squeaker on a short leash, like the beaten, corrupt mutt he is…    The solution:  

Boehner Confides His Treason To His Wife

  John Boehner Corruption Scandal Boehner ‘Affair’ To Be Focus Of New York Times Expose, NY Post Reports JOHN BOEHNER’s BOOZE SCANDAL Lobbyist on rumored affair w/Boehner:  “I have no comment” Boehner’s Next Scandal Republican House Speaker John Boehner Alleged Sex Scandal John Boehner Sleeps With Lobbyists– And Not Just … Read more

Squeaker Boehner ‘Expresses Doubts’ On Iran Deal   After 4 years of hiding, the Squeaker surfaces again: Iranian Defector: ‘U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf’     And why are communist politicians so lazy? — NYC Communist Mayor Doesn’t Work Most Mornings New York’s oaf mayor, with Obama street-thug, tax cheat, Jew-hating and homophobe Al Sharpton. … Read more

Oh no — there goes Tokyo!

    Michelle Obama Goes Ape! Gets Reporter Fired for Comparing Her to One: Raven-Symoné defends anchor who compared Michelle Obama to apes:  

If you don’t think Boehner is being extorted by Obama, you’re as lame as any “millenium”

DemocRat Obama Iran Critic Menendez to Be Indicted on “Corruption:”   DemocRats vow to protect Boehner from conservative coup:     Dude, this is a ‘boehner:’   And this:   And this:   And this:     And this: Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets by … Read more

Obama Envoy Gets A Reality Check

Barry didn’t say it would be like this…   Another Obama Ambassador Attacked:    The suspect:

THE WORM WILL TURN: The corrupt Republican Party re-elects America’s #1 useful idiot

Then there are the heroes who voted against the scummy John Boehner: Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.)—Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) Rep. Brian Babin (Tex.)—“present” Rep. Rod Blum (Iowa) – Rep. Dan Webster (R-Fla.) Rep. Dave Brat (Va.) – Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) Rep. Jim Bridenstine (Okla.) – Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) Rep. Curt Clawson (Fla.) – Sen. … Read more

Corporations With American Blood On Their Hands for Funding The Murderous Activities of Obama Street-Thug Al Sharpton h/t: Write these bastards and let him know what you think about any roles they played in the assassinations of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, and the race-hatred across our nation created by the scummy Al Sharpton — and his ‘friend’ Barack Obama. Walmart first:   Murdered NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu … Read more