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The Professor is back at The Fine Report!

Published on February 7, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

Prof. Allison D. Papalopolopolis is back!


Today, she weighs in on Tony Bennett and Chris Rocks’ recent moronic statements about the 2nd Amendment:


“Hey there!”

Nutty professor

“The willful stupidity of people in Hollywood is truly an amazing phenomenon and equally infuriating. But maybe it’s always been like this: creative people being overly emotional, fawning over each other and giving each other awards, earning ridiculous amounts of money for very little work and having a warped sense of superiority that only the shallowness of fame can bring. Tony Bennett thinking an armed citizenry caused the Nazi’s to take over Germany? Talk about leaving your brain in San Francisco: it’s the exact opposite. Among Hitler’s first actions was to disarm private citizens. Same with Stalin. And Chris Rock thinking the president is his boss? ( — and his ‘dad?!’ Boy, where did this guy’s ability to think critically go off the tracks?)  I only shudder to imagine how dysfunctional his parenting must have been. (A bed-wetter, most likely — compensating for that early humiliation by putting on an act of false bravado on stage — and now channeling an abusive parent through an equally dysfunctional narcissist somehow holding high office.)


“The key thing here is that so many Hollywood types are self-loathing from the guilt of truly knowing their worth is nothing in comparison to how the public perceives them. Hence, their leftist extremism and the leftist group-think that assuages their insecurity of not having worked at forming any thoughtful opinion of their own. (Did you ever watch any of them stare transfixed for hours at MSNBC — while Al Sharpton tells them they’re crap? Talk about masochistic tendencies!) Many of these  people even get behind a theory that global warming is caused by racism! Can you imagine? Talk about your creative types!

Nutty professor

“Their terrible conflict — and resulting shallowness — is why their marriages don’t last, and their children wind up in trouble with the law or dead from drug overdoses. Or, in some cases, they leave telephone messages calling their children ‘pigs’ because that child did not fawn over them in a manner they so neurotically demand — even at the expense of their childrens’ mental heath and well-being. (Remember that terrible recorded message Alec Baldwin left his daughter, and his daughter made public?)  So realize you’re not alone in any feelings you have that these people are nuts. There’s a non-clinical term for people like Tony Bennett and Chris Rock — and Barry Fudd, for that matter (I love saying that!) — and it really cuts to the chase:  they’re ‘dumbasses.’ Unfortunately, they’re also suicidal, and bent on taking everyone else out with them. Boy, pure secularism sure does a number on peoples’ heads, doesn’t it? Who says belief in a heaven and a hell is a bad idea?


Nutty professor

“On a final note, I just want everybody to know, that despite it being some time since I’ve appeared here on The Fine Report, I still cannot find the purple sticky-note many of you know I’ve been looking for.  If one of you has it, I’d really appreciate your giving it back to me. I promise: no questions asked.


“And be sure to read my new thesis, ‘Michelle Obama’s Alimentary Canal  and Air Pollution: A Case Study; and Yes — the Acme B-XRT47 Industrial Pollution Control Device Can Be Mount to a Large Human Buttock.’


“See you next time, everybody!”


Purple sticky note


Professor Papalopolopolis’ C.V.:


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