KARMA IS A BITCH: Being a low information voter = having a low standard of living: Harvard Study Shows Barry Fudd’s Economy Crushing Young Americans

  Even the freaks at the Harvard hate factory admit it:   A comprehensive new Harvard University report on Americans under 30, the so-called Millennials, shows that the economy is having a crushing impact, with just 62 percent working, and of those, half are toiling at part-time jobs.   The report, released by Harvard’s Institute … Read more

THE WAR ON MORONS: Attack the corrupt news media and educators that propagandize ‘low info’ voters, and you will finally reach them.

  Our blogs are missing the mark. Most take aim at Obama.  But he’s the wrong target: he’s a nothing — a contrivance of our corrupt news and entertainment media and leftist educational institutions.  Most of our blogging efforts do little more than assuage the outrage among the ’59 million,’ because our blog information rarely, … Read more