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Who’da thought? S.E. Cupp goes flat!

Published on February 19, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


S.E. Cupp $ells-out to MSNBC, becoming a bookend to MSNBC RINO Houseboy-Joe Scarborough:


S.E. Cupp’s Advice To GOP In NY Times: Don’t ‘Be Afraid To Call Out Rush Limbaugh’


 S.E. Cupp Doubles-down on  Attacking Rush Limbaugh



Her cups runneth over — for the last time…

Giant bra


It profits a woman nothing to give her soul for the whole world… But for MSNBC?


Hey — honey badger don’t care!


Poofy dave goofy smaller oh  my god



“Uh… Was that really someone’s bra? I mean, that thing is like, huge.”


-Clown Al Franken (prior to other clowns electing him to the U.S. Senate, to be one of the top 100 law-makers in the nation).

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